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It is a pleasant Sunday morning, myself Sanjana and have two small kids. It was vacation time and as most of you would be aware kids love to sleep late in the morning. With my windows open, I was enjoying the morning breeze which was fresh. It is during this time one of my kids woke up and began pestering me for an outing.

I was a bit hesitant, but somewhere down the line in the midst of the hectic curriculum, the life of my kids seemed to be lost out. As parents, too, we were responsible as we’re chasing our own career aspirations as well.  No one is to be blamed as one back step in this world of cut throat competition you can hardly afford to be left behind. It is that this point of time, I found out a children park is around 10 minutes away from my house by a car drive. In the hard-paced life of ours, there is no form of recreation for the younger generation as well. In this regard, a park works out to be a blessing in disguise and it is a place where the little ones can go and express themselves.In our busy life one hardly gets time to visit a park. But thinking of going on a visit to a park, made all of us super excited and especially the kids who were on a different planet altogether. I along with my husband drove to the park. Now let me highlight the importance of such a park to all the parents

Play and play

What is the definition of play? It is simply to have some fun and it can be done with the mind as well as the body. It is driven by curiosity and kids tend to be driven by it at the same time. It starts off in a simple manner and becomes more and more complex as a child develops.

It provides an opportunity to play and it allows the kids to play the way they choose to. It helps them to explore their tendencies and allows them to learn or interact with kids from the other age group as well.

Development of the brain

Research is a testimony to the fact that the brain development of the child occurs most in the primitive years. It is very important for the children to take part in a host of activities which go on to stimulate their brain development. As a kid if you do not get crucial brain interaction in the first few years of your life, then you may suffer during the lifetime.

To conclude, child’s play is not about fun as well as games only. When you play, it goes on to foster the development of the brain, intellect and body. When you allow the child to play it explores their ability to explore, test as well as expand the limits of their growing body.

Park is more than what the name says as it is the perfect place to play. I figured out the fact that playing is indeed important as it is bound to contribute to the overall development of the child. When my kid interacts with other children in the group it is bound to enhance his social skills.

Now I have decided to make it a regular feature for sure!

Andrew Faulkner

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