6 Dream Bedroom Ideas For Your Teenage Princess

Children get mature at different speeds, so their rooms should also be redesigned to make them grow more. Some teenage girls can’t wait for their grown-up décor that looks like the rest of the other rooms, while others like to hang onto their little girl room as long as possible.

So, if you want to design a room for your teen girl that will last long as she grows more and more then adding some elements will allow you to make a little adjustment afterward by offering her the bedroom of her fantasy.

List Of 6 Dream Bedroom Ideas For Your Teenage Princess

The below 6 dream bedroom ideas for your teenage princess will help you to design a beautiful haven where she can enjoy, relax and dream more:

Lavender & Green

Choosing the lavender-and-green color palette and the belle wood forest mural in the corner helps to create a unique touch to your princess room. You can also add a tree bookshelf, and wood tones that are mixed with black, white, gold, and metal finish to add a classic-soft touch throughout the room.

Treehouse Swing

A light and airy room that has a fort-like treehouse bed, a mounted teardrop-shaped mirror, a bow-backed chair, a wooden swing hung from the tall ceilings, and a colorful vintage rug can add a whimsical touch to the teen girl’s room.

Hot Pink

A hot pink bedroom that has a built-in desk for the reading space and a queen-sized bed, everything in hot pink and white color can make the room as suitable as your princess dream.

Classic Whimsy

You can also create a dreamy teen girl room by simply using some classic girlish elements like a pink-and-white canopy, pink-and-white striped wallpaper, matching decorative bird cages, a curvy black wire chandelier, a golden tree mural wall, and a high vaulted exposed touch wooden ceiling, beddings, and desk.

Canopy Of Dreams

The airy pink-and-white teen girl room that has built-in bunk beds to leaves plenty of floor space to make the room free of clutter and a dramatic canopy sitting area on the other side for reading and hanging out helps to create a next-level room décor for your teenager.

Tall & Grand

You can also add a youthful personality to your teenage princess’ room by decorating her room with a tall unadorned canopy bed, a vintage bedside table, long drapes, a tall lamp, a lovely vintage-inspired wallpaper that has a colorful floral motif beside the bed, and a large wall art to create a classic style that will work for many years to come.


Creating a room for your teenage girl that is full of fantasy and comfort can be a long process but you can go easy with some common color palettes of her choice like mixing beige, white, and shades of pink paiintgs online at  canvas art paintings. You can also opt for girls room paintings  and  the queen-size bed with a hanging chair in the corner and other decorative elements like classic wall art and beautiful lamps to make her feel so special while relaxing in her dreamy zone.

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