Unknown Facts About The Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers is one of the most popular football teams of the USA that has a loyal fan base. This is why you will find that the season tickets for the team has been sold out ever since 1960. You might be wondering what the current wait time is for the season tickets of this team- it is approximately 40 years. In 2010, the renewal rates for season tickets was 99.6 percent. This means that approximately 126 new season tickets were sold for a fortunate few that stayed at the top of the list. Today, there are about 83,881 names in line. Therefore, with every win that the Green Bay Packers make, it really will be hard for fans to get more tickets!

The Cheesehead Hat Story…

Sandy Petrocelli in the USA loves Winconsin teams and he says that many fans like him are so crazy about their favorite football teams that they really love to keep track of the latest news and updates. He says that he loves to keep track of the stories and history of his favorite teams and share them with other fans. He adds that it is a known fact that The Green Bay Packers and The Chicago Bears have the longest rivalry in the history of football. When The Chicago Bears won the 1985 Superbowl, Chicago fans began taunting their neighbors with a nickname. The nickname was Cheesehead and of course fans of The Green Bay Packers embraced this nickname with no harsh feelings.

From this incident arose an interesting story. In 1987 a man named Ralph Bruno appeared at a Milwaukee Brewers Game with a hat that was shaped like Cheese. He used the foam from his mother’s couch to make this special hat. Instead of making fun of him at the game, fans of the Brewers asked Bruno to make similar hats for them as well. He gladly obliged and started manufacturing the Cheesehead Hats. He sold them at all the sporting events at Wisconsin and his company was called Foamation. Inc. Today, thanks to this episode, he manufactures an entire range of  products that are related to cheese!

A Glimpse into history

Way back in history, the Green Bay packers were known as the Acme Packers. They took this name from the Acme Packing Company. The original sponsor of the team was The Indian Packing Company and it was under the Acme Packing Company that the team joined The American Professional Football Association that later came to be known as the NFL in 1921.

Sandy Petrocelli also shares facts about the first loss of The Green Bay Packers. He says that the team has a fantastic first season and they played 11 games in 1919. They won 10 of these 11  games. Their first loss came in the last game when they lost to a football team called the Beloit Fairies. It is difficult to believe but there was a football team during those days that actually had the name Fairies!

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