Sports Trophies: Should They Be Given Out For Participation?

Traditionally, trophies are handed out for recognition, ultimately empowering the receiver. A sports trophy is usually given to someone to acknowledge their achievements- providing them with the confidence that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Surely you want to encourage others to achieve their best? This could be done through the implementation of sports trophies. By providing a sporting person or team with a trophy you are in fact increasing personal morale, if you want to win, your heart must be in it! Therefore, a sporting trophy is the perfect solution to show your appreciation for someone’s sporting performance, despite whether they win or not!

You’ve heard of The World Cup, The FA Cup, The Ryder Cup and The Ashes: these are examples of iconic sports trophies. Understandably, these are easily recognised for their grand design and unique style- they tend to act as a goal- giving individuals and teams something to strive for! But how can this encourage children to get involved with sports?

Have you ever considered giving a “participation in sports trophy” to those who took part?

Sport should be fun!

If you give the winner a trophy, you could well be undermining other young children’s success- making them feel less valued. Competitiveness is an excellent motivator; however, for children, sport should be something that brings enjoyment. Often as parents, you can put immense pressure on your children- wanting them to win- but this can affect their overall performance, they are unable to handle the stress at such a young age.

Encouraging willingness!

A sports trophy could be the perfect solution to ensure children continue with a sport rather than giving up because they didn’t win. Your aim for very young children should be to keep them interested and the use of sports trophies can help you to sustain children’s efforts with a prize every time.

With this said, a participation trophy would be less suitable for older children because, by this time they should have the ambition and dedication to the sport, they have demonstrated their commitment to be part of the team! Additionally, this would enable them to adapt new skills including the ability to cope with losing and how to deal with disappointment.

Awards EFX range of Sports Trophies

Are you looking for something to be treasured for life? A sports trophy or plaque can be displayed to show your achievements- our designs are eye-catching and unique to your specific requirements. We supply trophies for National and International sporting events; which all resemble first-class quality.

Some examples of the trophies we have designed at Awards EFX include Coca-Cola sponsorships, Guinness Pro and Premier League cups (e.g. for Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC). However, if you’re looking to design your own sports trophy, whether it’s a participation trophy or tournament trophy, we have a variety of options suitable for you, we create the trophy or plaque to your initial design ideas- making sure it is perfect for the occasion!

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