Sporting Trophies: The Top 5 Sporting Trophies In The World!

Sport is the great equaliser, no matter where you go in the world you can always initiate a conversation (even breaking language barriers), if you talk about sport. Maybe you participate or maybe you’re simply an avid fan. But at the top of the game our favourite athletes and sports teams compete for some of the most exquisite and famous sporting trophies and here we’ve brought you a list of the top five sporting trophies from around the world!

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  1. The Football World Cup

The Football World Cup is probably the most well-known and impressive sporting trophy in existence. Following Brazil being awarded the Jules Risnet Trophy in 1970 after winning the World Cup for the third time, a new model was commissioned. Only five World Cup trophies exist and all weigh an impressive six kilogrammes and are made completely from solid 18 carat gold.

  1. The Super Bowl

Though the Football World Cup may be the most prestige’s sporting trophy across most of the world, over in the United States it is totally eclipsed by the Super Bowl trophy, which is awarded to the winning team of the National Football League Championship game – The Super Bowl. Named after legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi, the Super Bowl trophy stands at 56cm tall and is made entirely of sterling silver.

  1. The Ashes

Though The Ashes is a sporting trophy that only two teams compete for, it’s known around the world not only for it the competition and rivalry between England and Australia that it is awarded for but also due to its simple appearance. The original Ashes trophy is a small terracotta urn standing only 11cm in height and believed to contain the ashes of a burnt cricket bail. However, that trophy is no longer presented to the winners, instead now residing within the museum at Lord’s Cricket Ground, now the winning team is presented with a crystal replica.

  1. The Wimbledon Singles Trophies

Wimbledon is the highlight of the tennis season and both the men’s and women’s singles trophies are prestige’s awards, recognising the best tennis players in the world. The men’s single trophy is made of silver gilt and stands at 18 inches, inscribed with ‘The All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World’. The women’s trophy, known as the Venus Rosewater Dish is a silver salver and is patterned with mythological designs of classic gods and elements.

  1. The Boston Marathon

The marathon is recognised as the ultimate test of human endurance, from its origins in ancient Greece and Pheidippides, to the modern Olympics but no marathon is held in as much esteem as the Boston Marathon.  With its 26.2 mile course, which takes in the famous scream tunnel of Wellesley College and its five-miles of hills from 16 miles to 21 cumulating in Heartbreak Hill. And just as the race is streaked with legacy, so is its trophy and in 2016 the winner of the women’s race presented her trophy to Roberta Gibb, who completed the Boston marathon in 1966, six years before women were officially allowed to compete in the Boston Marathon.

So, there you have it the five most esteemed sporting trophies in the world. Interested in getting a bespoke off-the-shelf sporting trophy for your next event? Then check out our full range of sporting trophies available today!

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