Tips On Using Range Finders

This is one gadget that will soon become a necessity and the best thing is, it doesn’t need batteries, fits into your bag and will fit into your jet set lifestyle with knowledge of all golf courses around the world.

1 Selecting the Right One

Before hitting the course and testing out your new gadget you first need to do a little research to determine which range finder suits your game and your pocket.

Ensure you select a range finder specific to golf as there are few designer for other activities including hunting.  However, they won’t easily find a pin or golf flag.  Try instead trusted brands such as Callaway, Bushnell and Nikon.  Do a little research beforehand by reading reviews and ask friends which brands they use and what benefits they like.

2 Working out how to use one

Most of us hate instruction manuals as they immediately take us back to our college days trying to master the desk you purchased from IKEA.   No need with YouTube.   Do a search to find loads of tutorials on how to use your brand effectively, showing you the best features.  The videos will soon get you on the way to mastering your range finder.

3 Get familiar

You’ve spent time learning which buttons to press and what the information means to your game.  It’s now time to take your new gadget for a test drive.  You will become more familiar with the features in real time and which button provides you with what information.  There are some terminology and terms that are unique to using a range finder that you will need to familiarize yourself with.  Be patient with yourself.

4 Test Drive

Range finders are designed to calculate the distance between two points.  To become familiar start with large objects around your home.   Try using it the parking area outside a mall. Go to the furthest point and aim for the mall entrance.  Keep on trying till it becomes second nature to focus on large objects that are relatively close by.

5 Hit the Course

Even though we’re all playing the same game, we each play it differently.  Use the range finder on a practice game your first time out.    Practice games are there to aid golfers to improve skills so adding the range finder will fit right in.  Take the time to calculate distances properly.  Practice focusing on pins and flagsticks that vary in distances to you.  This way your confidence will improve and you’ll soon be ready to use when playing with friends or competing.

6 Finding Courses

If you spend a high proportion of your time on the road, and like to get a game in to improve your handicap, this is an unexpected benefit of a range finder.

The range finder uses GPS to suggest clubs that best fit your current game with precision calculations on distances even on an unfamiliar course.

As with anything new, patience is required.  Many golfers have found using a range finder to be invaluable to their game, you can too.

Andrew Faulkner

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