Training Basics For Cyclists

If you want to get the most out of your cycling workout, you also have to have a plan. Careful execution of a training programme will make it possible to see real progress whilst you are riding long distances. Just make sure to scrap the plan for a day or two if you feel as though you are overdoing it. That way, you can regroup and reorganise your workout.

Be True to Yourself

If you want to tap into your potential as a cyclist, be prepared to ride fast and to truly work out. Follow the intense workout with higher resistance during your ride. The combination workout will make your legs stronger and more muscular. Also, just because you ride with other cyclists, it does not mean that you should not be true to yourself. Whilst it is nice to enjoy the camaraderie, you also don’t want to veer off your training course. That means not overdoing when it comes to group challenges. Sometimes, it is actually better to simply ride by yourself.

Focus on Improvement

Whilst you may hate climbing hills because it is uncomfortable and difficult, that is also the distinct reason as to why you should do it. You won’t get any better or any fitter if you don’t take on the slopes, as well as the flatter terrains. The whole idea behind training is to focus on improvement. That means you need to do more than simply log miles or outfit yourself with the latest cycling jersey. You need to get involved in interval exercises, cadence rides, and other workouts that are designed to challenge your body and help you make progress. That means shooting for a specific, targeted goal whenever you hop on your ride.

Visit the Gym Twice a Week

When you are a cyclist, you can think of the gym as the place where you tune up and strengthen your body. Visit the gym twice per week to strengthen your core and to stabilise your key muscle groups. Also, never forget to stretch if you want to avoid injuries. By maintaining your supporting muscles and keeping your joints flexible, you will avoid an aching back or tight hip flexors – maladies that tend to weaken instead of enhance the cycling experience.

Think Positive

When you train your body in a physically straining fashion, you are also training your brain so you can do more than you previously thought. So, when you think positively, you can also visualise your cycling goals. You will really be surprised by what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. Maintain a positive disposition when you work out, train, and race, because a healthy mentality is half of the job.

Fuel your cycling workouts with the right food as well. You should maintain a consistent diet and caloric intake before training sessions, races, competitions, and gym visits. You will not only ride faster, but you will also feel healthier. Above all, you should always remember to enjoy your cycling experience. Whilst it is important to work hard towards the goal of improving your physical performance, you should never work out so hard that it begins to feel like tedious work. You want to look forward to the challenge, rather than end up dreading it.

So, are you ready to achieve your cycling goals? You can reach new heights with positive determination and a customised training plan.  

Andrew Faulkner

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