Mulched Sports Grounds Are Better Than Slashed Ones – Why?

Sports grounds need a lot of attention and care when it comes to keeping the same in its best for optimal performance during sports events! When it comes to landscaping techniques for sports grounds, a professional is left with only two options. It is either to get the grass mulched/slashed.

In the words or rather the advice of professional landscaping service providers, mulching is a more cost-effective practice for large-scale landscaping. It is best when one is looking to enhance the appearance of a sports field all the while controlling the growth of weeds.

Mulching is perfect when one wants to limit the use of water and pesticides to keep the sports ground healthy, functional and perfect for hosting sports events! Before we go further about the benefits about mulching, let us take a look at the difference between mulching and slashing!

Slashing is an old-school process where the grass is cut at any cost without paying much attention to the overall aesthetics of the sports ground. Mulching, however, is a relatively new process of landscaping where one uses latest landscaping kits and machinery.

Mulching is better!

Professional landscapers, especially those who take care of sports grounds prefer mulching over slashing since the former leaves a clean and crisp look! The benefits of mulching are several which is the reason it is the best technique for sports grounds. Mulching is better than slashing – the statement can be enunciated by the following section:

It leaves the green covering in the ground healthier than ever!

Mulching is a great way you can reintroduce lost nutrients to the soil so that new grass that is growing beneath the top layer can make the most of it! Mulched grass particles get easily broken down in the soil. It helps in the release of the much-needed nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in the soil. All of this and that too without using artificial fertilizers and excess irrigation! Although, it is advised to set the mulching equipment at a particular height so that the whole sports ground looks even after the landscaping session!

It helps in reducing waste!

It may seem like that mulching is creating more waste instead of reducing them but that is not the case if you look closely! When you are bagging grass clippings and throwing them away you are creating more space consuming waste for the landfills. Instead, if you leave the grass clippings after mulching the sports ground, you are left with organic waste that is going to break down easily and goes back in the soil as nutrients! To make sure that you are doing your part in keeping the earth in its current state, you should invest in a high-quality mulching kit or equipment.

After giving the above section a read, it is clear that mulching helps in recycling nutrients within the soil, helps in reducing waste/use of chemical fertilizers, and limits the need for periodic irrigation! Apart from that, sports grounds need to be aesthetically appealing which is the reason why mulching the grass is the way of the wise!

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