Randal Benjamin – Reasons Why Youngsters Should Join Basketball Camps

Technology has overtaken the lives of many people. Gone are the days when we used to see children and teenagers playing in parks daily. Today, youngsters are mostly addicted to their smartphones. They prefer to chat online rather than going over to a friend’s place to chat. Children follow the example of their parents and are keen to play games on their smartphones over playgrounds. Parents should encourage their kids to go out and play with their friends. This simple gesture not only improves their physical health but it also improves their mental health as well.

Randal Benjamin is a popular athlete in Las Vegas in Nevada. He loves basketball and is an ardent admirer of Oakland Raiders and LA Lakers. He says that kids and the youth should be encouraged to play team games like football and basketball. This helps them to become balanced individuals. Smartphones are a necessity however it should never be an addiction. Unfortunately, kids and the youth of the present generation do not want to go out and play. Mobile and computer games appeal to them more. Parents should not encourage this habit as online gaming is mentally and physically detrimental towards the mental development of youngsters and child.

How can basketball help modern youth?

If you look around today, you will find that children and teenagers live in nuclear families. Their parents are mostly out working and so most of the time children and teenagers are alone at home. They take recourse to the Internet, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook or television to keep themselves engaged. They lack the motivation to go out and play in the park. There are just a few children who are lucky enough to play in the park. Their parents have enrolled them in sports like tennis, basketball, football, etc. Playing sports boosts their mental and physical development. They interact with their friends and coaches face-to-face. They learn the valuable lesson of keeping fit and healthy early in life. They grow up to be different human beings. They learn the skills of teamwork and coordination. Each win and loss are a team experience to them and not an individual achievement or defeat.

Randal Benjamin says the biggest advantage of playing basketball among youngsters is they are lesser prone to depression, loneliness and substance abuse. They grow up as healthy individuals and are not prone to bad habits like smoking and drinking. They handle stress better and are positive towards life as they learn the reality of winning and losing early in life.  He says parents should take their kids out to play at an early age. Introduce them to playgrounds that have space to run around. Encourage them to play basketball as you will always find hoops in school and community playgrounds. Smartphones are good for communication, however, do not allow them to control the lives of your child. Technology is a boon, however, if it becomes a master of your life, you become addicted to it hampering your personal and social skills. The youth needs to get back to outdoor games and basketball is a sport that binds the youth of today together.

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