What Sports To Opt For During Lockdown

Lockdown due to the deadly pandemic that is threatening the lives of millions of people has resulted in standstill in the sports field too. Right from the Olympics to the Premiere Leagues or other sports events, everything stands postponed now. However, those who have a sports spirit are still eagerly looking around for some ways and means by which they may get engaged in sports activities. There is no need to get disappointed as you can use your golf push cart and get engaged in golfing or similar other sports activities right at your own home and have some fun-filled moments while remaining physically active too. Have a look.

Try your hands at boxing

Boxing is a sport that can be enjoyed at any time and anywhere even when you have to stay indoors. You just need to have the boxing kit. If you are new to boxing, you can just try boxing with your simple gloves at some soft cushions, pillows or other soft furnishings available to you. It lets you get engaged in a full body workout and at the same time hone your boxing skills.

Go for moth hunting

Those who like to go for hunting during normal days may continue with their hobby by switching over to moth hunting. During this season, moths attack most of the houses and cause great damage to the clothes and other things. You may serve a double purpose by getting engaged in this activity. It lets you get rid of the moths and at the same time let you enjoy hunting.

Golfing is also a great option

If you have some small garden or courtyard attached to your home you may get started with your golf push cart and try your hands at golfing. It keeps you occupied and at the same time improves your knowledge about the game.

 Bath snorkelling is also an amazing option

What about the idea of getting engaged in bath snorkelling if you like water sports! Yes, it is an amazing option in the list if you wish to do something pleasurable during the lockdown. You may have immense pleasure by turning your bathroom into a snorkelling spot.

There are many more ideas in the list. You can modify and customise the sports as per the space availability and your skills. The main motive is to stay active and ensure your good health through such sports when you are locked down in your home. 

Andrew Faulkner

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