Why It Is Necessary To Transcribe Interviews For Better Research

No matter what kind of research you are working on, if it is not properly documented or accurate, your research is of no use. If your research is especially based more on interviews, then make sure that you are maintaining them appropriately. Here are some of the reasons behind the necessity of transcribing interviews for better research.

Transcription provides a written record for research

If you choose to have a written document of the recorded audio for your interview, then you will have the advantage of storing, analyzing, as well as sharing data whenever needed. Also, it is necessary to understand that text consumes less memory compared to storing the audio files. Apart from that, texts are available in different formats.

Due to this reason, it is always a good idea to opt for interview transcription service as you will get the opportunity to share those necessary files whenever needed with outside auditors, fellow researchers, and participants. Transcribing the interviews makes them quite accessible, and with it, the reviewer will be able to have an objective look at different responses as well as questions.

Helps in saving your precious time

It is necessary to understand that research is quite a lengthy process, and it is complex as well. Therefore, it is always important to save time, and also focus on never to compromise on the outcomes. If you hire for the interview transcription service, then you will be able to have a typed version of your research. Through this, you will be able to find important facts easily. Also, you will be able to avoid the repeated playing of the audio or video.

The text formats will help you search for the important texts for any particular word or even the quotes. When you are planning for recording an interview, which you later want to transcribe, you do not have to worry about writing down the verbatim notes. So, you will be able to focus on the interviewee, the tone, as well as, the questions that you are asking.

Gives accurate result for your research

If you are recording an interview, then you will not have to worry much about remembering things, your writing speed, or even your handwriting. Opting for the transcription service will make things easy for you. Also, you will be able to follow the norms and regulations needed for well-designed and prepared research that includes context, transferability, and authenticity.

Therefore, these are some of the reasons for the importance of transcribing interviews for better research.

Andrew Faulkner

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