The Denver Sports Scene

America is a sports nation like no other. We have hockey, football, baseball, basketball, and no doubt we are seeing soccer quickly become a mainstream sport. Within the U.S., we often hear about the storied New York and Chicago ball clubs and their rich histories. However, we shouldn’t discount the Denver sports scene as a go to location for any sporting fanatic.

Need I look any further than the Denver Bronco’s! Mile High Stadium isn’t only the highest stadium in the country, and perhaps world, but it’s also home to the recent Super bowl champions. They have a very loyal following as well. The team president is even one of their former hall of fame quarterbacks, John Elway! He personally helped piece together the super bowl caliber team of the past few years.

The Denver Bronco’s get a lot of hype, but they aren’t the only game in town. The Colorado Rockies play at Coors Field, located in the heart of Denver. They have had many accolades themselves over the past several years. They even have a classical style ballpark with the latest state of the art technology.

The Colorado Avalanche is the city’s renowned hockey team. They have one of the most devoted followings in the NHL. They also have had numerous playoff appearances under their belts. You can catch a game at the Pepsi Center anytime from September through April.

As I said before, major league soccer is making its way into the US like never before. In 2007, the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park opened its doors to the Colorado Rapids. While they have plenty of local talent on their roster, they are well known and have recruited players from countries near and far.

While they are more than enough sporting events year round to satisfy anyone’s needs and wants, the Mile High City has plenty of other attractions even for the non-sports enthusiasts. Fly fishing is a favorite pastime of residents. Just a short ride outside Denver and you will find yourself plenty of narrow rivers and streams with trout aplenty. Equipment is easy and often cheap to rent, so no worries about lugging your own out there.

For those of you that prefer more of the indoor type activities, there is plenty of shopping available, as there are many spas and salons to pamper yourself. The salons aren’t just for the ladies either, there are numerous male hair salons, which can completely change your look. Perusing through Groupon’s Denver Hair Salons pageyou will find several excellent choices. Here you will find professionals who can give you a brand new look. Yes, it can be costly when you go alone, but with the help of Groupon coupons can easily happily afford it.

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