Gift Giving The Avid Snowboarder

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or another occasion, there’s no denying that the avid snowboarder in your life will appreciate a snowboarding related gift. Yet those that don’t shred themselves are often in the dark as to what gifts will be most appreciated. That’s exactly why we break down six of the best gifts for the avid snowboarder in your life below.

  1. Snowboard

This one is a given – what snowboarder wouldn’t be stoked to receive a new snowboard? On top of this, the options are nearly unlimited when you consider the sheer amount of brands and models out there. Just be sure to select a snowboard that matches the needs and preferences of the rider.

  1. Jacket

Another piece of snowboarding gear that makes a great gift is a new jacket. Most snowboarders spend their money on other necessities and opt to use the same jacket year after year. Giving them a new one is sure to be appreciated.

  1. Avalanche Safety Equipment

If the avid snowboarder in your life heads out into the backcountry on a regular basis, then the gift of avalanche safety equipment is a great choice. According to Powe. Snowboards of Burlington, VT an avalanche safety beacon, avalanche probe, and avalanche shovel are all backcountry necessities. Give the gift of safety with these items.

  1. Goggles

Not looking to spend an arm and a leg on a snowboarding gift? Then a pair of goggles are the way to go. Alternatively, a new pair of goggles makes the perfect stocking stuffer during the Christmas season. Every snowboarder can use another pair of goggles.

  1. Season Pass

Heading up to the mountain is expensive, especially at popular ski resorts. If you want to truly impress with your gift, give your snowboarder a season pass. This will allow them to get in as many runs as possible this season.

  1. Gift Card

Non-snowboarders are often in the dark as to the best products to buy as gifts. You don’t want to fork over several hundred dollars for a new snowboard only to have it be the wrong type. That’s why a gift card to your local snowboarding shop is always a smart idea. It allows you to support a local business and give your snowboarder the ability to pick out their perfect gift.

Shopping for the avid snowboarder in your life can be difficult. So use the six gift ideas above to select the perfect present. And remember, as long as it’s snowboarding related, it’s sure to be appreciated.

Andrew Faulkner

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