Some Important Health Benefits Of Playing Basketball

One of the best pastimes of most American youths is basketball. This game is said to be the introductory sports for children and also helps them understand the importance of teamwork. If this game is played on a regular basis then it helps you to remain fit and active.

There are a number of health benefits of playing basketball and given below is a list of it discussed in details:

  • The game of basketball helps in improving the condition of your heart and your muscles. It also improves the capacity of your lungs. In the game of basketball the outfielders try to catch a fly ball, the catchers try to chase the foul ball and the batters run the bases. Constant running helps you to get good cardiovascular exercises and also improves your overall cardio vascular health.
  • This game also helps in strengthening your arms. In the game of basketball you have to swing the basketball bat and also catch and throw the ball. This improves your arm muscles and also helps in improving your shoulder and chest muscles.
  • The game of basketball also helps in strengthening your legs. In the game of basketball you have to move laterally and also squat down to get a ball. This helps in improving your hamstrings, quadriceps and also the muscles of your calf. It helps in building up your leg muscles and also helps in toning your body.
  • It also helps in proper hand and eye coordination. In the game of basketball you have to pitch the ball and also bat. This requires proper coordination between the hands and the eyes.
  • basketball also helps in burning a lot of calories. There is a constant swinging, catching and running involved in this game which helps in burning a lot of calories.
  • basketball also helps in improving your power of concentration, your mental focus and also helps in refreshing your mind.
  • basketball is also said to be extremely beneficial for the young children. It has been observed that the children who are involved with the game of basketball have fewer health issues and are likely to live much longer.
  • In order to metabolize calcium and phosphorous it is very important to have a proper intake of Vitamin D. Sunlight helps you in a proper intake of Vitamin D. So since basketball is an outdoor game so you are exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time which helps your body to produce a lot of Vitamin D.

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