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In the past, jerseys were garments worn only by those who cycled professionally but this has recently begun to change for a number of reasons. First and foremost, cycling is still a prevalent form of transportation for commuters, competitors, and travellers all over the world. However, there are certainly types of clothing that are ill-suited to this particular type of transportation, especially if you plan to ride the bike for more than a kilometre at a time.

The daily commute to work, to school, or just to remain fit should be comfortable and a cyclist’s jersey could be the solution to this requirement. Cycling can cause the body to sweat profusely, especially if you plan to cycle hard and fast or if you must spend much of your ride going up hills. The more you sweat, the more you benefit from a jersey, and this article is dedicated to explaining exactly why this is a fact.


Cycling jerseys are fabricated using a unique and innovative weaving design that will wick moisture such as sweat and rain away from your body and to the outer layer of the garment to be vapourised. Not only will you remain cooler during hot weather and warmer during cool weather but you will have a lower level of accumulated body odour after a long and hard commute on your bike. This will also allow you to remain more comfortable during your ride and to avoid potential fungal infections such as jock itch, a fungal infection of the skin caused by sweat being kept against the skin for long periods of time.


A cycling jersey will also look fantastic and you may choose from a number of styles and colours to suit your unique tastes. After all, many people will see you making your way down the road on your bike and it is often important for those being seen that they dress stylishly. A jersey will offer this dual purpose, allowing you to remain healthier and safer when on the bike while looking fantastic with every turn of the pedals.


Jerseys also allow you to streamline your outfit, letting you move just that much faster whenever you are on your bike and moving along. Additionally, a jersey is designed to cling to the body in such a way as to keep anything from catching on the bike chain or in the wheel. Not only will you no longer need to worry about your long shirt catching but you will also never need to worry about it riding up and showing your backside because they are designed to cover you even in a cyclist’s posture.


Most jerseys come with deep pockets included to give you room for a mobile, a bottle of water, a snack, and anything else that you might need while on the road. This is highly convenient because these things can cause a number of problems if you carry them in a purse or in your normal pockets. This way, you never need to worry about them falling out and being left kilometres behind you before you notice they are gone.

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