Running In Cold Weather Is A Tough Game

Running outside during winter? Are you crazy? This is common problem faced by people who simply can’t imagine their day begin without a good run in the morning. Running is fun during summer months although a bit tiring. But running in winter can have adverse impact on your health. Running in cold months can make you sick suffer from cold, hypothermia or even pneumonia!

So, considering your health and making sure you can run in cold months, you have to read the following section to get useful tips.

What to Wear

The most important part for running in winter is to wear the correct clothing. One trick is to dress in layers. You can wear thin t-shirts inside and top of that wear nylon t-shirt. This type of clothing keep the moisture out that enables you to breathe freely while running. If you feel, you can wear fleece to get maximum insulation.

When you decide to run in winter, wear clothing depending on the weather. But, make sure not to overdress, as you will gradually feel warm while you run.
Invest for some good quality running shoes to keep your feet stay warm and dry during winter. Stay away from running into snow, as you can slip or get frostbite. In case, you can’t avoid running in snow, buy some trail running shoes, which are waterproof and fit for traction in the snow.
What to Eat

Eating food is vital in winter, especially before you step out to run. If you are on diet, you need to take more care of your food. It is your food that will provide energy to run. Winter is the time of the year when you feel hungrier and eat more. These extra foods add for calories, so keep a check on what you eat.
Before Going out

Before you go for running, make a point to check the weather and wind chill. Running in extreme snowy and foggy weather have risks on its own. Often, runners face accidents as approaching vehicles cannot see them due to foggy weather. Stay safe by wearing light colored high visibility jackets to be seen by oncoming vehicles.

When the wind is strong, even if you wear layered clothing, it will make you feel cold. When you run, the body movement will help in increasing the cold air around you. So, when the temperature drops below zero, it is best to stay at home or hit the gym.
Consult your Doctor

Last, not the least, consult a doctor, before you start your winter running sessions. This needs to be done as you can have health problems such as chest pain or asthma attacks by running in the cold weather. So, make a point in consulting with a doctor or fitness trainer.

Although it may sound odd but carrying your cell phone and some cash while running at any time of the year is necessary. If you run into some unavoidable circumstances, these things will help you to get home.

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