Choosing a New Cricket Bat


Choosing any new cricket supplies will require a great deal of thought. Simply choosing an item based on its price or the name of the manufacturer is likely to leave you with something that may seem great on paper, or may save you a few pounds, but it will also leave you with something that isn’t quite right for you.

There are those that will suggest that you should only buy bats from a shop, and whilst there is good reason for this, it is not the only way. The main benefit of buying from a shop is that you can try different bats for size, weight and feel. However, those that are around cricket bats regularly will be able to do the same without visiting a shop, and it is also easy enough to try different bats in such a shop, but to order from elsewhere.

Ordering online may well save you money, and it will also allow you access to far more bats that you might get in even the best local sports shop.

It is also important to choose a bat based on how you play, and not just your strength or height. If you play front foot more, try a bat with a lower middle, whilst those who play back foot should go for a higher middle.

Finally, do check product reviews. Whilst each individual will fare better with a different bat, there will be plenty of reviews that could help you decide between very similar bats, and remember that no matter what cricket equipment you buy, quality will always be one of the most important things to consider.

Andrew Faulkner

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