How Far In Advance Should I Plan A Babymoon?

There are all sorts of reasons why parents and mums-to-be might decide to book a babymoon. Crucially, and contrary to popular belief, a babymoon does not have to be a couples retreat – with more and more expectant mothers and pregnancy women booking a babymoon as an opportunity to relish time spend in tranquillity and peace, before the demands of motherhood kick in.

The simple fact is a babymoon can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a chance to spend time as a couple, or it can be an opportunity to take back some me-time and focus on your own needs as a woman and as mum-to-be. It can be quiet and relaxing, or it can be educational with plenty of chances to meet likeminded women and other expectant mothers are different stages of life and pregnancy.

Here are some tips on booking and planning a babymoon, starting with the timeline and how to identify the right trip for you.

Booking and planning a babymoon – the timeline

The best time to enjoy a babymoon is from week 14 of the pregnancy. This spans the start of the second trimester right up into the third trimester, giving women flexibility as to when they decide to take some time for themselves and stall surrounding themselves with positive and actionable advice and relaxation time.

The least popular time for babymoon bookings is during the first trimester. This is because most expectant mothers choose to take time away and celebrate their journey to motherhood a little later down the line when have told all of their friends and family and are making plans for the future with their growing family.

Finding the right type of trip for you

One question that many pregnant women ask is how far in advance they need to book a babymoon at a luxury retreat – in order to secure a place, while ensuring that they can visit at the right time during their pregnancy. And it’s here that selecting the right trip for you comes in.

If you are seeking an immersive and enlightening experience which combines relaxation with education, and which will send you home feeling both prepared and excited for pending motherhood, then a luxury babymoon experience for women-only presents a unique opportunity which is considered unrivalled by all previous guests.

Without the distraction of partners and their needs, a babymoon which is designed for women only creates an environment of nurturing both mum and baby – focussing on your needs and building the resilience you need to tackle birth and the demands of motherhood beyond.

Best of all, these retreats can be booked last minute, ensuring that you are able to visit the retreat at a time that best suits you and your pregnancy. Find out more online, and book today.

Nick Martin

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