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For outdoor sports fans, there are countless destinations worldwide to experience, whether spectating as a supporter with companies such as Living with The Lions Sports Travel or participating in sporting events.

With many sporting events you will have your very own equipment, whether it be a bike, skis, surfboard, diving equipment or golf clubs, these items maybe paramount for your participation. However, there could be dilemmas to overcome in transporting your sports equipment through your airline.

In this article, we detail the requirements of the main airlines to travel with sports equipment, how to transport it correctly and some tips to plan and enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

Tips and regulations for flying with sports equipment

  • Must be packaged appropriately
  • Must meet your allowances regarding weight and size
  • Larger items than your permitted baggage weight may require shipping as cargo
  • Possible charges with items over 23kg
  • Certain items may require safety and security restrictions
  • Allow for additional time with larger pieces of sporting equipment for bagging staff

Remember that you can only transport in the cabin that material that respects the conditions of hand luggage. This is the number of packages, characteristics, weight and dimensions thereof, handles, pockets and wheels included. You must check in, therefore, the luggage that exceeds these figures could very incur additional fees. The bag or suitcase in which you carry your sports equipment should fit in the baggage meter of the airport and you should be able to enter it in the upper compartments of the plane without help.

Each airline has certain regulations to travel with the team to practice outdoor sports. For this reason, before buying the ticket and preparing the suitcase, we advise you to check the special baggage conditions, which are the ones that usually specify the limits in weight and quantity of the admitted equipment, as well as the additional fees and packing conditions and transport.

Below, we detail the conditions for traveling with sports equipment of the main airlines. fees for billing sports equipment

Billing sports equipment

The sports equipment for the performance of outdoor sports must be properly packed, labelled, placed and subject so that it does not cause discomfort or damage to the rest of the luggage or your own equipment during boarding, transport and disembarkation. Some companies sell boxes at many airports to pack your equipment. If the airline staff detects irregularities in the way you pack your special baggage, it will require you to make use of this packaging. If the measures of your equipment to bill exceed the box, you will be responsible for finding another suitable to these dimensions. At the end of this article you will find a video tutorial on how to pack a bicycle.

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