Cricket Bats for Junior Players

When a youngster begins playing cricket, either for a local team or just for fun, it is very important to ensure they use the right sized bat. Manufactures and coaches universally agree that bat size is crucial, even more so for youngsters than for adults, because the wrong size of equipment can hinder the development of skills, which is what playing cricket as a youngster is all about.

Ill-sized cricket equipment (whether too big and unwieldy or too small and encouraging poor posture) can seriously affect a junior’s ability to develop the proper techniques and can also lead to the development of bad habits which, once entrenched, can be difficult to remove.

Despite what many people believe, the height of the player is not the overriding determinant of bat size; it is a combination of factors, and it is the length of the bat compared to leg and arm length that matters more than height alone. Junior cricket bats are not just smaller than adult bats, they are also lighter and designed to fit smaller hands and suit those with less strength.

Junior cricket kit is more widely available than ever before, being stocked by many of the larger sports stores but also by specialist equipment retailers online, where you are likely to find a wide range of choices. Whether your child is just starting to pick up a bat and hit a ball or is fifteen and just not quite ready for an adult sized bat, with just a little research you should easily be able to find a bat of reduced size and weight to suit their needs.

Andrew Faulkner

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