Basic Rules Followed at Archery Range and Tips for Archery Success

Archery is an interesting sport and many people, both young and adults indulge in this sport. For some, archery is a passion while for others, this sport is a leisure-time activity. Most parents take their children for archery lessons to increase their level of concentration and develop discipline. Archery is a fun sport, however, it can be dangerous if you do not follow the rules and regulations while shooting. In this blog post, we will deal with some of the basic rules and regulations that you require abiding by so that you do not jeopardize others and yourself while shooting.

  • Gain knowledge about all the range commands and obey them accordingly
  • Until and unless you are asked to shoot, make sure that your arrows are in the quiver
  • See that you use the arrows given by the instructor and keep in mind the look of the arrows
  • Always point your arrows down or towards the target
  • In case you drop an arrow, you should leave it on the ground unless you are asked to get it
  • Before starting shooting, make sure you can see the path to the target and beyond clearly
  • Let loose the bow string at full draw only when there is an arrow on the string (Dry firing is dangerous and may damage the bow)
  • While shooting it is ideal not to wear bracelets and necklaces
  • Always tie your hair back when shooting
  • Handle the archery equipment with properly and take good care of them after use
  • Maintain a sportsman spirit and respect treat fellow
  • It is safe to talk less when archers are on the line

If you wish to engage in this sport safely in the Texas archery range,  it is vital to adhere to these rules and guidelines. When you are involved in a sport, you will surely want to be successful. Like any other sport, there are certain steps for success in archery. Get up early in the morning. It is the perfect time to practice shooting. Talking about practice, you must have heard the maxim, practice makes perfect. Until and unless you practice regularly, success will elude you.

There are no secrets to success in archery. Confidence, sincerity and focus, proper training and equipment- a combination of all these contribute to success in this exciting sport. You need to prepare your mind that you can win but don’t be desperate for that. As a beginner, you may miss shots at the initial stage. As you practice, you will be a professional.


Andrew Faulkner

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