5 Reasons That Will Force A Lineup Change In Fanpicks Sports Daily Games

Fantasy sport is fun and millions of people are now playing. In addition to the thrill, there are billions of dollars in prize money which makes fantasy sport even more alluring. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, the industry generates over $1.5 billion dollars in revenue annually and 90% of this money goes to prizes.

If you are not playing fantasy sport, it is time to try it out. Fanpicks daily fantasy sports offers an intuitive platform where players can draft their players and play against other teams.  Once you pick a contest, you will learn about the scoring rules and how to draft players.  Once this is done, you just have to sit back and make player changes where need be. It is an exciting way to stay in touch with your favorite sport.

Once you have drafted a team, you need to constantly check the ongoing stats to know who to trade from the team. It is important to pick a team that guarantees good points.  While it is possible to field the best team every other week, some situations will force changes in the lineup.

Here are some ideas that might force a rotation in the team or a trade:

Perfect Matchups

As a rule, your strongest stud must play every week but this might not be possible if the matchups don’t favor astrong performance. Each game should be considered individually based on the matchups but when possible, your strongest studs must play.


Injuries in NFL and other major leagues are a common occurrence. To determine the players to use, look for injury reports from the team before any game. If a player is rated D (doubtful), avoid them and instead go for the healthy ones who will see lots of action in the field. This is where proactive research comes in handy to help you make a choice of the right players. By Saturday, your team should be set, allowing only for last minute drops in case of emergencies.

Performance Ratings

The performance of your players is easy to follow, especially with increasing data generation. You need to read the stats for the last few games to determine who is performing and who is not. While your stud players are supposed to impress, always remember that every player has a bad week and you must be patient instead of opting to bench such a player.

Leveraging Free Agents

Some free agents available at the beginning of the season will surprise you. There are high performing free agents who are not drafted at the beginning of the season and they can add great value to your team. These specialists are available at any time for your roster.

Capitalizing on Good trade

When you play fantasy basketball online, the flexibility that comes with drafting players will amaze you. The best fantasy players are flexible and open minded in making deals and you can join this club by assessing your team keenly before making a trade.

If you have players going on a bye soon, it is time to look at the available trade options.  Whatever you do, make sure your team is ready by the time the fanpicks sports daily games line locks.

Andrew Faulkner

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