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Ontario is famous for many things: Canada’s two best wine regions, Niagara Falls and the border with Southern neighbors the United States, Muskoka cottage country, the islands in the St. Lawrence river, and of course the fabulous city of Toronto with its architecture and cultural attractions galore. But did you know that some of the best golf in Canada, North America, and even the world is located in the province of Ontario as well?

Ontario golf courses share a lot in common with classic and contemporary golf courses around the world, from St Andrews’ Old Course to Friar’s Head in not-so-far-away New York State. Virtually every style and construction of course can be found in Ontario, as can nearly every kind of view golfers crave. When you golf Ontario, you golf the most beautiful courses in Canada. Ontario’s courses are perfect for golfers of all ages and ability levels.

From the experts at Golf North, here are the best tips for finding a course or golf package in Ontario to suit your needs:

Consider Your Options Thoroughly

When looking Ontario golf packages, it is important to consider a variety of factors. These factors include the length of your stay, the amount you are willing or able to spend on the golf package, the location of the golf course, and the difficulty of the golf course. You’re also going to want to look into both rules, such as men’s-only courses or clubs, as well as perks, such as discounted caddy service, that will either restrict or enhance your enjoyment of your golf package in Ontario. Of course, thinking about travel arrangements and hotel availability are also important matters that will impact your decision to purchase one Ontario golf package over another. Overall, it’s best to weigh all of the available options and to balance the pros against the cons.

Consider Golf Courses in The Kitchener Area

Kitchener golf courses are some of the finest in Canada, and a number of them are public courses, too. With family-friendly options to be chosen from as well as wonderful Kitchener golf courses to be played by individuals either for business or pleasure, the Kitchener area offers truly extraordinary options for golfers of all ages and levels of experience with the game of golf. GolfNorth’s Dundee, Conestoga, and Foxwood golf courses are just three of the options available to golfers looking for relaxation and sport.

Check Out GolfNorth’s Packages and Courses

GolfNorth is one of Canada’s premiere golf organizations. With an enormous amount of courses throughout Ontario and golf courses near Toronto, GolfNorth is dedicated to giving golfers in Ontario and throughout Canada the opportunity to experience exceptional golfing at an affordable price and in a variety of locations. Since 1994, GolfNorth has been offering these services, as well as giving back to the community in the process. What better organization to book your next golf package with in Ontario?

Wherever you choose to golf in Ontario, it is certain you will enjoy your time on some of the best courses that Canada has to offer!

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