The Best Of Dodgers Stadium

Home to the famous Los Angeles team (The LA Dodgers), this stadium is one of the most elegant in the Major Baseball League. It opened in 1962, and since then it hosted eight World Series, and the Dodgers have won four World Championships. This stadium has seen it all, from the Hall of Fame, MVPs, World Champions, and all the way to the Cy Young Awards and no-hitters. The stadium is the iconic place in the country and the city itself, and it has held many special events since it was opened 53 years ago.

Many things worth mentioning happened at Dodgers Stadium. Here is a best-of list that is definitely worth mentioning and remembering:

  1. The first Pitch, which took place in 1962. This was the beginning of a marvelous era for the team and the stadium itself, and should never be forgotten.
  2. Gibson’s Home run, October 15, 1988. World Series, game one, and the “impossible” backdoor slider over the right field fence that won the game. Kirk Gibson has ever since been the symbol of the impossible being quite possible, and a true hero of the game of the first World Series ever won by the Dodgers.
  3. Kershaw`s no-hitter, in June 2014. Called the “best pitching performance ever” by the Los Angeles Times, this feat is the 12th in all of the Dodger`s history.
  4. “El Toro” and the start of “Fernandomania” in 1981. Named by Fernando Valenzuela, this phenomenon spread internationally. With only 20 years, he was the first young player to have a great start of the career with all wins, and won the Cy Young Award and the Rookie of the year Award in the same year.
  5. 1963 World Series won at home. It is THE most famous 4th game, where Dodgers won at their own stadium, beating the New York Yankees by a score of 2-1. This Series featured many Hall of Fame players.
  6. Monday saves the American Flag, 1976, April 25th. Chicago Cubs outfielder Rick Monday saved the flag from two protestors who wanted to set it on fire. He received standing ovation, became a Dodger at the end of the season, and is today one of the best analysts in the Major Baseball League.
  7. 1980 All-Star game. The 2nd game held by Dodgers, and the first one on the Dodger Stadium. The National League won 4-2 vs. the American League.
  8. Out of Dodger Stadium by Mike Piazza, Sept. 21st 1997. He is the only Dodger to ever make a homerun outside the Dodger Stadium, and the 3rd person in the history of Baseball who has achieved this.
  9. The Beatles concert, Aug. 28th, 1966. It is the last live concert of a formal setting from the Beatles, cheered by thousands of fans. The Dodger Stadium was the place where the Beatles ended their 19-day tour.
  10. Papal visit, Sept 16th, 1987. Sixty three thousand people gathered to hear the Pope speak. The ballpark was flooded with curious heads, all wanting to see and hear Pope John Paul II speak in both English and Spanish.

Andrew Faulkner

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