Should I Get A Small Or Big Tattoo For My First Tattoo?

There is no denying that tattoos divide people. You have those who detest them and those who like them and choose to have them. However, in recent years, tattoos have been seen to be relatively fashionable, with people choosing to have all kinds of designs with different meanings.

People either tend to play it safe or go all out and have a large tattoo for their first one. As a result, some might regret it and then look for tattoo removal London in desperation as they look to completely remove that tattoo that they once thought was a good idea. However, if you are thinking of having your first tattoo, should you go small or go big?

There Is No Right Or Wrong Option

Tattoos are down to personal choice and are very subjective so the size you choose will depend on the design you want to have. Some opt for a small symbol on their hand or arm while others go for a large design across their back or chest as their first one. So, the first thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong when having your first tattoo as that is down to what you want.

Play It Safe With Small

Deciding to have your first tattoo can seem daunting. After all, as far as you are concerned it is with you for life, although that is not necessarily true. Despite this, if you are still worried but know that you want one then small is obviously the right option. The smaller the tattoo, the less it will get noticed and the less space it will take up on your body. This is a great way of understanding whether tattoos are right for you. If you decide you dislike it in a few years then you haven’t covered a lot of skin, which is what many people regret when having a large tattoo.

Small Is Easier To Remove

If you have a small tattoo and then decide that you hate it and want it gone then it will be easier to remove with a tattoo removal treatment. Sure, it will still take the same kind of treatment as a larger tattoo, but the process will be quicker.

Small Is Easier To Cover

Perhaps you regret the design but still like tattoos? If this is the case then a smaller tattoo is much easier to cover than a larger tattoo, giving you the scope to add a completely new design to your body.

Go Big If You Are Really Confident

Opting for a large tattoo is a big decision. It might be hidden under clothing but whether it’s just you that sees it or loved ones and family, you need to be sure that you are really happy to cover a large percentage of your body with a tattoo and that the design is right for you. If all of this seems right, then go right ahead with it.

So, big or small, there is no right or wrong when it comes to your first tattoo but the main thing to remember is that tattoo removal is always going to be available should you decide that it is not right for you, which can offer some peace of mind.

Andrew Faulkner

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