Picking The Perfect Flex For Your Gold Club Shaft

A golf club`s shaft must be able to bend upon the application of force during a swing. This is referred to as shaft flex. When the shaft cannot bend enough, this can impact the swing. The amount of impact will depend upon whether the player swings slow, fast, jerky or smooth.

Typically, shaft flex is rated in five ways: Stiff, Extra Stiff, Ladies, Senior and Regular. Every golfer should have a flex that matches his needs or he will have a misaligned clubface at impact which can result in shots going off target.

Impacts of Flex

Shaft flex can affect everything on the shot including distance, trajectory and accuracy. The shaft tends to flex throughout the swing which changes the club head`s position. Players will wish the club head to be square to get a great hard shot away. When a wrong flex is made, the chances of squarely hitting the shot will decrease.

General Guidelines

It is imperative for golf players to take control of their game by getting clubs with the right shaft flex for them. They can identify whether they need a softer shaft or a stiffer shaft with the guidelines below:

  • Gauge your driver shot`s distance. When you hit shots of at least 250 yards consistently, a stiff driver must be used. Shots of 230 yards to 250 yards require a regular flex. A Senior is for 200-230 yards and Ladies for less than 200 yards.
  • Extra stiff is perfect for big hitters. Only the world`s John Daly can use this one.
  • Players with a smoother swing can choose a softer flex.
  • A stiffer shaft is needed for a swing which is jerky on the backswing`s top.
  • When the drives go left, a stiffer flex is a good try. When the driver goes right, a softer flex is a good choice.

Is the Flex too Short

Too stiff shafts can impact the game in the following:

  • The player may get a shorter and lower shot desired for a given loft.
  • It is likely for the ball to go to the right, off course, for right-handed players as the clubface tends to be more challenging to get square at impact.
  • Although the player makes a great contact or hits square, the show may feel less solid.

When the Flex is Not Stiff Enough

As the flex is not stiff enough, the following results can be expected.

  • It is possible for the ball to fly higher for a given loft.
  • Right-handed golfers can expect the ball to go left as they hit with too closed a clubface.

Message to Male Golfers

It does not make you less of a golfer if you fail to hit with the stiffest shaft. What is important is to make the perfect choice instead of the macho pick. This should not mean having to go through embarrassment of hitting a little Regular flex club. Men tend to over-swing, particularly the high handicappers. Golf clubs that have a softer flex have the benefit of slowing the big swing down. This results in better play and a lower score. Isn`t this what players want anyway? To ensure you make a good choice, check out fuji golf shafts online.

Author Bio: Jeff Brandon specializes in sports, finance and the needs of retirees. He has worked as a golf player, instructor and clubmaker. His posts on Fujikura shafts have captured the attention of many golf shaft buyers.

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