Key Points For Making The Big Buck Through Horse Racing

Horse racing, one of the most glamorous sports has become much popular amongst millions of race-lovers. Many of them pursue horse racing just for fun while few guys choose it as their lifetime career. Having spent many years in this field, the crazy guys bet hundreds of dollars in the hope of filling their pockets. Many guys win big money while few guys lose too. Winning a horse race is not as simple as an ordinary person may think.

Learning the basics of horse racing is needed if you wish to win. Following free racing tips may be adhered to when you are there for betting on any horse:

Type of horse-race: Just think about the particular type of race that you would like to bet upon before purchasing the ticket or token.

Distance and weather conditions – Many of you may be interested to bet upon a horse that is made to run for long distances. Few guys could pursue horse races covering a short distance. This distance is one of the most determinant factors to win or lose as the horse stamina depends upon this aspect too. A week horse may not be able to run for long distance while chances of winning the race for short distance could be brighter for the animal. Weather conditions could also support the winning chances as a particular horse may not perform well on wet or muddy tracks. Chances of winning races go up for the European horses that perform better on the Turf. So why not follow these free racing tips that improve your winning chances when you bet upon any racehorse.

Which race to bet upon – Dozens of horse races are made available by the management of the companies that organise the same. Prominent amongst such races are –

Distaff Races – Why not plan to bet upon the Breeders’ Cup Distaff that is organised each November. concern to the female horses, pony, and the mares; these types of races are quite popular.

Derby and Stakes – Mostly meant for the Singapore and Hong Kong Derby, such special horse races often give more winning chances if you bet wisely. Held every June at the Epsom England, this race has also become the preferred choice of many race lovers. Dating back to the 1780s; the Derby and Stakes horse races are held in Britain.  High stakes subject to the law of the land are the unique features of such races.

Marathons, Sprints, and Routes – These types of horse races depend upon the specific distance length that is covered by the horses. Races to the tune of one-mile length are known as the sprint races while the ones covering between 1 to 1 ¼ miles are called the route races. Marathon types of horse races cover between 1 ¼ miles or beyond that.

Other types of horse races include the claiming or allowances races while the handicapped and maiden races are also quite popular. The point is to win the race; so why not adhere to the free racing tips, the wise method.

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