A Guide To Golf Clubs Before You Start Putting And Teeing

Do you often wonder why do golfers carry so many different types of golf clubs in their bag? Although the different golf clubs look pretty much similar from a distance, considerable differences exist between them. That is why golfers use different golf clubs for hitting the ball at different distances. Some golf clubs are excellent for long distance swinging while others are best suited for short, straight shots. If you are thinking of ordering your first set of golf clubs, this is the information you must know before you tell the detailer, ‘send my golf clubs home’.

  • Iron golf clubs

Iron golf clubs are commonly sold as numbered sets. They range from 3-iron through 9-iron or as pitching wedge. They have thin and small heads, most of which are solid, although you may find some iron golf clubs with hollow heads too. The angled faces of these clubs are called ‘lofts’ and they have grooves to help grip the golf ball. These clubs also impart a pin to the golf balls. Their major use is for tee shots on small holes and for shots from the fairway.

  • Wood golf clubs

These golf clubs include the driver and fairway woods. These have the largest club heads, which are typically hollow, and with rounded lines on them. These clubs are ideal for shots that need fast swinging, for example, long shots and strokes played from the teeing ground.

  • Wood-iron hybrid golf clubs

As the name suggests, these golf clubs have the features of both- iron and wood golf clubs. These typically have a fairway wood head design and an iron length shaft. They are numbered like iron golf clubs, and are common replacements for some iron clubs in a golfer’s bag because these are easier to hit. But these clubs are greatly influenced by personal comfort and choice.

  • Wedge golf clubs

Wedge golf clubs have similar club heads like iron golf clubs, but these heads are more angled. These golf clubs are used to strike the ball when you want to make it fly high before landing on the ground. There are commonly used to steer clear from high grass or bunkers. Depending on their lofts, they are classified as pitching wedge (PW), sand wedge (SW), approach wedge (AW), lob wedge (LW) and the high lob wedge.

  • Putter golf clubs

This category of golf clubs is considered to be the most specialized. As their name suggests, these golf clubs are used for putting. Putters come in a variation of shapes and sizes. The most common difference between the different putters is in their club heads and their lengths. Choosing a putter is just a matter of personal choice. What works for you might not work for me.

When you start going into details of each of the above categories of golf clubs, you will realise that there are more kinds of golf clubs than you thought. Before you randomly pick and choose the components of your golf bag and tell the retailer, ‘send my golf clubs’, you must know the details of what you are choosing.

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