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Cricket has enjoyed a higher profile in recent years. The national team has enjoyed a purple patch and television money has been filtered down into the grassroots of the game, giving facilities and coaching a boost. More and more young people are showing an interest in taking up the game.

Cricket has a little bit of everything. Modern cricketers are athletes. They train hard. Batting requires concentration and technical ability. Fielding tests reflexes and dexterity to the limit. Bowlers have to toil over after over and develop a range of different balls to outfox opponents.

Anyone looking to get started in the game needs to find a good cricket shop. If there isn’t one nearby then it doesn’t have to be a problem. Online, aspiring cricketers can find everything they need to get started without even having to leave the house.

Cricket isn’t the cheapest sport to get involved in, so offers and discounts can really help. The cost of cricket equipment can soon start to add up. There’s a bat for starters, then gloves and pads, a helmet and a box. Online retailers can offer these staples of the game cheaper than high street stores. It’s a great way to get started for less.

All kitted out it’s time to make a start. Down at the local cricket club they’ll have coaching sessions and practice nets. This could be the start of a lifelong affinity with and love for the game. Who knows? That young kid could be playing for England one day.

Andrew Faulkner

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