Exploring The World Of Visual Communication With Joe Cianciotto

With the movement of the world to the virtual platform, practically everything seems to have shifted to it. Despite the physical structures, the functioning of every department is being carried out ‘online’. At a time like this, visual communication finds its complete meaning and importance opines Joe Cianciotto an advertising executive from New York, who has seen the changing trends of the market over the years.

Branding or advertising one’s products or oneself is perhaps the most effective way of staying in business or making it successful. And with the coming in of technology into every nook and corner of life, visual communication has slowly and steadily carved a niche for itself in the corporate world.

Understanding the cognitive power of the masses, the world of business now thrives on making their presence felt by creating more visual content than mere words and statements. They in fact have learnt to make a statement through the various tools of visual communication. They have come to realize that in order to communicate ideas, thoughts, messages, one does not have to solely depend on words.

Studies have revealed, as would agree Joe Cianciotto, that advertisements that have graphic images are more relatable for the masses than just those without them. A headline is no longer as good as a picture. The probable reason behind this is the pace of life and the consequent way in which the human brain functions. People lack time and as a direct effect of it, they do not really have that time or interest in reading through lengthy descriptions. Instead they are more drawn to images that are attractive and convey a message. In fact, people often appreciate the creativity with which one designs a logo or an image that represents a particular business.

The use of various colors, symbols, pictures, images, illustrations, typography, all come under the category of visual communication. Experts in the field emphasis on the need for a balance and appropriate use of these elements to create a lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. There is no denying the fact that through visual communication tools, the attention of the viewer can be engaged considerably.

The images often convey not just information but also tell stories and what makes it more interesting is that it does not have to use words to do so. The visual imageries used are so employed as to convey an emotional connect with its audience so that they can easily identify with it and thereby indulge in the product or service. People in the business of advertising such as Joe Cianciotto can very well vouch for this.

Though the designing of the images and graphics may require a greater investment of time than words, yet the impact it creates takes much less time than words. Visual communication tools can thus be considered to be effective time savers, and this is particularly important for businesses where time is money.  The faster the people are attracted and hooked onto the product or service the faster they will invest in it and the quicker the revenues of the business will accelerate.

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