Accessibe Eradicates Tensions About Litigation And Web Accessibility Issues

Regulations linked to web accessibility have been in existence for several years. However, businesses still struggle to keep pace with it and make their sites compliant with the laws that govern them. They still need to depend upon manual techniques that are time-consuming and expensive. Large companies have a dedicated team of web developers who look into web accessibility issues as well as fix them on a regular basis. 

The ordeal is challenging for small business owners who do not have in-house skilled web developers to arrest issues in web accessibility. They lack the funds and the expertise to regularly work with their websites to keep them compliant all the time. However, with browser and site updates, codes are broken again, and the work has to be redone.

The advantages of AccessiBe for web accessibility and compliance

AccessiBe is the perfect solution for web accessibility and compliance as it ensures users with disabilities have a seamless browsing experience with sites. Manual remediation takes weeks and costs a lot of money; however, these techniques are permanent solutions as once the work is done, it gets spoiled because of CMS, browser, and updates done to the website, so within a few months, a new project has to be taken up to fix the new errors of web accessibility.

When you download this innovative tool, the process of fixing web accessibility issues is simpler, and all you need to do is: –

  • Paste one line of JavaScript code on the site,
  • The interface for accessibility appears on the site instantly,
  • The AI feature of the tool begins to scan and analyze the site,
  • Within 48 hours, your site is accessible and fully compliant with the web accessibility laws of the land like ADA Title III Section 508, WCAG 2.1, and EAA/EN 301549.
  • The tool will scan your site every 24 hours for revised or new content after 24 hours to fix any accessibility errors on the site.

Businesses can’t spend lots of money frequently to fix web accessibility problems yearly. AccessiBe helps make the process effortless, and your site is maintained round the clock without hassles!

Boost sales opportunities in the market

With this unique tool, you can boost sales opportunities for your business and boost returns on investments. Users with disabilities have purchasing power and search for accessible sites from which they can buy products and services. When you have an accessible website, you not only reach out to them, but you invoke their trust in the market. They recommend your site to the other members of the community, and your sales traffic increases in the process.

Wrapping things up

AccessiBe is a market leader in web accessibility, and users are happy with its functionality as it helps them enjoy a seamless web browsing experience. Businesses also get the peace of mind they deserve when it comes to making their sites accessible to everyone and staying compliant with the laws 24/7, round the clock!

Andrew Faulkner

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