Enjoy playing Twenty20 but stay safe

As Twenty20 is playing more of a role in the international cricket scene, so there are strong signs of growing enthusiasm for the game. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for instance, saw a healthy rise in its annual accounts in 2011. It saw a rise in turnover of some 38 per cent, reaching 146 million pounds.As well as the influence of Twenty20, these figures were mainly as a result of hosting India that year, and TV revenues.

Twenty20, by its nature, is a faster, more high-voltage, game of cricket. It has made a real impact on a younger generation. With games taking half a day, rather than a number of days, it has made a complete ‘cricket day out’ a real possibility and attracted viewers and players who might not otherwise of caught the cricketing bug.

The rise of Twenty20 has, however, also made it more imperative than ever that players, of all ages and standards, don the best, and safest cricket equipment. Bowlers and batsmen are going to be far more likely to take risks under time pressure, so the ball is likely to be flying at quite a pace throughout.

When it comes to looking for sound, reliable cricket kit, choose a reputable supplier. If you’re choosing a helmet, for example, take care to find one that combines lightness, and flexibility with strength. A polymer lining, for instance, will help dissipate shock, and keep injury to the minimum. Choose equipment, such as your helmet, which will keep you both comfortable and safe during play.

Andrew Faulkner

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