Does Your Horse Need A Neck Cover?

When you have a pet horse, it is essential to keep them safe and warm in all weather conditions. The neck cover helps to protect your horse from cold and rain by preventing heat loss. The neck covers are generally a part of larger rug blankets, which is for the whole body.

The Right Material

Your horse might not need a neck cover always, it is usually worn during the winters. As the temperature drops, a stable rug with neck extensions can help them to sustain the weather. Previously, these rugs were quite expensive and only wealthy owners were able to afford them, but now the covers are abundant, affordable, and easily available.

Sometimes, a stable rug also helps in protecting your horse from insect bites during the summers. However, it is to be ensured that summer rugs are lightweight, as it would avoid overheating your animal. Thus, when choosing a summer blanket, you must opt for a soft, mesh, and breathable material.

You should also be careful while using a neck cover for your horse during the rainy season. If you live in a cold country like the UK, the temperature drops dramatically when it rains or snows. Also, sweat is the worst enemy of the horse- it leads to dehydration and respiratory issues. Thus, you must choose the right kind of material as a neck cover for your horse or else they will end up getting ill or injured.

Choosing the right neck cover

As much as it is essential to choose the right material for your horse’s neck cover, it is equally important to use the rug correctly on them. This to be kept in mind to choosing the right neck cover for your horse would include:

  • Do not go for covers that are too tight. They can create excessive pressure on your horse’s back and cause issues in their blood circulation.
  • Ensure to remove the cover at least once a day to check and understand the condition of your horse. If you notice any bruised skin, ensure to keep that area uncovered. Wash the rug regularly and change it as frequently as possible.

At any given time, if you notice that your horse is feeling stressed out, then ensure to make them feel comfortable. Overtraining or confinement can cause physical and psychological distress.

Your horse might need to get a neck cover during the winter seasons to prevent losing heat from their body. During the summers, the covers help them to prevent insect bites. However, choosing the right material and ensuring that the horse wears them appropriately is of utmost importance. No horse should suffer due to the rugs, and you must ensure that you buy the best and right products for them.

Andrew Faulkner

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