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You might think that climbing needs a lot of equipment and practice however that is not completely true some months at the gym to get fit and some lessons by experienced climbers will make well-equipped with all that you need to know about climbing. However you need some essential gears to make your climbing easy and possible. These include ropes, quick draws, belay devices, harness, personal anchor system and rock climbing shoes. These equipments help make your climbing experience worthwhile. However, there are some equipments which can definitely not be replaced and make it to the list of the best climbing equipments. Here are some of these equipments:

  • Rock Climbing Shoes

Just like a girl going to a prom wants amazing prom heels similarly every climber needs superior quality rock climbing shoes. These shoes must be comfortable to wear and should be tough enough to be able to help climbers climb over sharp edges without tearing apart. They should be protective and keep the climbers’ feet protected from any injury. Shoes should be chosen keeping in view what type of climbing you are going to do and what type of rocks do the mountains you are climbing have. If you are going to climb steep rocks using pocketed routes, then downturned shoes are definitely the best option.

  • Climbing Harness

A climbing harness is equally as important as a rope because it supports you. It should be of good quality because a harness has a big role in making or breaking your climbing day. In addition to this, there are a lot of extras with harnesses nowadays but you should choose a simple one with pre-threaded buckles. The leg loops should be adjustable so even if your thighs are bulky they can be easily tied around by the harness. Furthermore, the buckles should also ensure easy and quick on and off.  

  • Helmet

Just like bikers, climbers also try to avoid wearing helmets at the cost of their own lives which is a very dangerous thing. They should always choose a good quality, stylish and lightweight helmet to make the climbing experience safe and interesting. A helmet is definitely useful enough to make it to the list of most important and best equipment for climbing. It is not only a prevention against injuries of the head but also a blanket against the cold winds that blow around mountain tops and can keep you warm up to a certain extent.

  • Cams

Cams are very useful for lead roping but can also be used as anchor in places of top roping. They help make a secure support in places where there are cracks and gaps between rocks. They are not difficult to use but should be used according to the situation which will help them use these cams appropriately.


Thus rock climbing is a very intricate job and cannot be conducted without proper equipment so it is important to now the best equipment which you might require for enjoying a great climbing experience.   

Andrew Faulkner

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