Benefits Of Insoles

Adding extra innersoles to your shoes can solve a range of foot problems and help you find a more comfortable fit. Check out the top benefits of using add-on insoles.

Did you know that an average human being walks five times around the Earth during his or her lifetime? That’s a lot of walking, and the strain of this on our feet is enormous. Physically active people like runner, cross-trainers and those who play sports regularly walk a lot more than this average.

It’s no wonder that people who enjoy hiking, running, jogging, cross-training or jogging, very often suffer from painful and tired feet.

This is where shoe insoles come into the picture. Here, in this post, you can find all about them – what are they and why you should purchase it?

What are Insoles?

Insoles or inner soles are pieces of removable material that you place inside your shoe. They are also known as foot beds. While most shoes come with inner soles, you can also buy them separately for added support and comfort.

It has two key measurements:

  • Length – The length of the foot from the toe to the heel
  • Width – The width of the foot at the widest point


Inner soles can be made from a variety of materials. Foam is the most commonly used and is rigid and shock absorbing. They provide adequate support while running, walking or for other sports activities.

Leather is another popular material that is primarily used for formal shoes. It provides arch support and is tough.

Another new material that is used for inner soles is the gel. A gel is encapsulated between foam layers. It provides extensive support and comfort and is extremely soft and flexible.

The Benefits of Purchasing Add-On Comfortable Insoles for Your Shoes

#1: Comfort

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, either running, jogging, training, walking or participating in sports, then purchasing add on soles for your shoes is an excellent idea. It gives extra comfort to your feet.

They add an extra, cushiony layer between your feet and the ground – thereby reducing impact and shock, providing additional cushioning for your feet. Additionally, the extra layer helps to keep your feet warmer in colder weather, thereby providing you added comfort.

#2: Odour Resistant

When you wear your shoes for a long time, it causes sweat build-up in your feet, leaving a noticeable odour on your shoe. With add-on inner soles, you can easily remove these and soak it in water for a quick wash. This helps to keep your shoes free of any bad odour.

#3: Better Fit

Finding the right shoes that fit your feet is a huge challenge, especially if your feet are in-between standard sizes. If the shoe is too big for your feet, you can use an add-on innersole to fill the shoe a little more, providing a tighter fit.

#4: Prevent Blisters and Sports Injuries

It helps to prevent your feet from moving around in your shoe, thereby reducing the rubbing and chaffing. This reduction in movement between the skin and the shoe helps to prevent blisters.

Additionally, by providing the right arch support and cushioning, it helps to reduce sports injuries caused due to high impact.

#5: Correct Feet Problems and Improve Posture

Specialised orthotic innersoles help to prevent common feet problems like hammer toes, bunions, flat feet and other. These are specially prescribed by orthodontics and are also used to improve posture while running and walking.

Add Insoles to Your Shoes & Give Your Feet the Support they need

Lack of sufficient cushioning can make your feet ache. Check out the different types of insoles and pick the right one that suits you and provides additional support to your tired feet.

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