Advice On Cricket Betting That Can Actually Help You Win

There is quite a lot going on in the cricket world than what the majority actually makes note of. People mostly shift their attention towards the world of cricket when the World Cup or the Ashes series comes around, but there is so much more to the cricketing world other than just these two major tourneys. Betting on cricket matches is something which involves the bettor taking into account a lot of factors. The conditions in which matches are being played play a more significant role than one would assume for instance.

Types of Cricket Bets

There are a few different types of bets when it comes to the game of cricket and depending on the teams which will be playing, there’s a whole host of betting opportunities which present themselves even pre-match. They can range from something as generic as predicting the winner of a test match series to the best batsman through the series.

Pre-match Bets

  • Series winners
  • Series handicap betting
  • Top Batsmen
  • Top Bowlers
  • Man of the Match
  • Who wins the toss

During match Bets

  • Total runs
  • Odd or even runs
  • Next man out
  • Next over runs

These are the kind of betting markets which will be available for any format of cricket and depending on whether or not there is a league going on, there can be a lot more betting markets added to this very brief list.

Betting Advice

There are a few important factors that come into play when you are betting on cricket. Here’s a little bit of advice on some of the factors which can help you make a winning bet:

Conditions – You should keep yourself updated with the weather conditions, especially in the case of test matches. Rain is a pertinent factor when it comes to a game of cricket. It has the potential of pausing the game or even stopping the game altogether. It is also one factor on which a lot of teams base their strategy for games. If for instance a team started to bat first and had a bad run at it in the first innings, they will be more hopeful for rainy conditions to stop the match so they do not have to suffer defeat and can save grace with a drawn match.

Injuries – As with any sport, injuries in a game of cricket are a common occurrence. Key players in a team can pull out of matches a few days before a match begins so it is important to keep a track on the injuries that befall a particular team’s members and how they would affect the overall strength of the team.

Form – Again, another common basis for judgement like with any sport is the form. Confidence is an important factor for a cricketer. If they have been getting a lot of boundaries and scoring for fun, batsmen will be more confident in their shot selection and you can expect them to play a good game before the match even starts. The same is the case with bowlers. If they have been taking a lot of wickets leading up to a match, they will surely shake the confidence of batsmen lining up to face them. You can bet on the confident bowlers to pick up some guaranteed wickets.

By basing your bet while keeping these crucial factors in mind, you are sure to bet better.

All the best!

Annie Daniels

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