A Spring Of Hope For Chicago

Sports fans in Chicago have plenty of reasons to celebrate this spring season. Chicago is one of the four cities in the US to have professional teams for 5 American team sports. Due to the city’s involvement in soccer, baseball, hockey, football & basketball it has won the Sporting Time award for ‘Best Sports City’ three times till now.

This spring season is turning out to be particularly exciting for the Blackhawks who, in spite of training the Blues in the playoffs have a mental edge. Staring elimination in the face currently, they look like a confident bunch ready to take on challenges. After defeating the blues on Thursday in double-overtime, Hawks now are at 8-1 in last 4 seasons’ elimination games.

Speaking about the Blues Jonathan Toews that the pressure is on the other team but they too look hungry for a victory. Toews also said that their focus is mainly on what that can do on Saturday night and nothing beyond it. The suspense was heightened when Alex Pietrangelo, the Blues defenseman said clinching the series from the Blackhawks would be ‘fun’. For Chicago sports fans, this is both amusing and enticing to see both the teams heading for the match.

Alexander Paler is one such fan of the game, rooting for the Blackhawks to win. Many like Alex believe that the Hawks thrive under pressure and play their best game when faced with a good opposition. If Thursday’s match against the Blues proved anything, it was that they could keep their cool and perform well, even when the situation got a bit awry. Having much more experience on their side now, they never seem to cave in under pressure.  

Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs keep on surprising their fans as they continue their winning streak after beating the Reds for the 5th time, getting eight straight wins. Lester has an amazing night throwing 100 pitches over 7 innings in which he gave only 5 hits, a walk and a homerun ball.  He also struck out 4, making it his best fastball so far this year.

The Cubs have also increased their fan base by going at least six innings in 16 out of 17 games this season. It is no wonder that fans like Alexander Paler, are cheering for them to win the series. The buzzing sports culture in the city is also a part of its heritage and one of the primary reasons for having a multitude of raw talent in the team.

For the Cubs, many of the guys had a good game including Javier Baez, who started his first game with a perfect third base. He got 2 hits, a homerun & a stolen base, scored three runs and also got a discomfited slide into home. Guys like Baez are a boon for the team since they can play at any position in the infield and has played both centre & left in the outfield. Hence the coming times are going to be very nerve-racking for sports fanatics and their eyes shall surely be glued to their TV screens.

Andrew Faulkner

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