7 Essential Facts about Medals and Trophies


Every house that you visit, you will find the owners proudly dedicating a wall of their home to medals and trophies that each family member has earned. This may make you roll your eyes and think that people could be full of themselves but actually it is not true. If you thought about this more you would realize that medals and trophies are actually quite significant. If you have won a competition and you earn a trophy of medal for that, you will feel like whatever you have done is being appreciated. And you will not even hesitate showing it off on your wall. There are various reasons why trophies and medals are extremely significant. There are some random trivia which add to their remarkability. Some of them have been presented below:

1. Trophies and Medals are actually made of metals. Each of them consists of certain unique features. First is that they are distinguished in terms of the metal they are made up of. For medals, the bronze ones represent the third position while the silver stands for the second prize. And gold which is the most expensive of all of them is used to signify the winner of the whole competition. These medals are extremely sought for in every competition.

2. Medals also bear the name of the person imprinted on its surface. This makes a certain medal unique because it is ascribed to you and only you. No one else deserves that medal apart from you.

3. Trophies usually have a figure attached to the prize as well with the name usually written down on the plaque at the bottom. The figure could be of anything that pertains to the field of competition that you have won. For example, trophies of sports usually have figures of people throwing basketball, or engaged in other sports. For dancing competitions you have a figure of a ballerina or others.

4. These trophies and medals on your bookshelf, or displayed on the wall would represent something that you are proud of. They stand to represent your talent and your worth and that is why their owners are so affectionate towards them.

5. Also, if your kids or someone you love and care wins a competition, you would be proud to display their trophies or medals on the wall as well, since it would be a great feeling to talk to others about the success of your loved ones.

6. Trophies and medals are an epitome of celebrating  someone’s success but also the opportunities the person had to win. They also speak of the hard work that people put into winning something that they really care about. This is why trophies and medals are not mere toys for us to play with. They speak of something more valuable.

7. Since these items mean so much to you, you should take good care of them. A dull looking medal or trophy will not attract anyone’s attention for long. This is why you need to keep them clean and shiny at all times.

Medals and trophies  help to add more value to your house decor. So, display them with pride.

Andrew Faulkner

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