3 Types Of Shorts That Are Trending Among Athletes In India This Year

Sports was still not that popular just a few years back in India when we leave out the mention of cricket or in some places hockey as well. India is country that on a level of its general public is still learning about the various sports and its nuances. The most frequent cases of ignorance are encountered when people look out for sportswear as they at most of the times practically have not even a faint idea as to what they have to get and what they have to expect from that piece they have just purchased. Only seasoned athletes who have been in that sport for quite sometime exactly know what they are expected to don and know what to lookout for and sometimes there are cases of over enthusiastic amateurs who know exactly what to get but that is mostly seen in cases of cricket and hockey as those are the sports popular in the country. One of the most important part of the sports wear is the sports shorts that athletes wear during their practise or their games. There are many places you can get these shorts, you can even shop from gofynd.com and get quality product but you should know what you want and what is best as per the sport you are in and what is preferred by other athletes.

It greatly helps to know what you want in your sportwear because there are a lot of them even when you consider a sub category like shorts and when you don’t know what you want or require then you may end up having something wrong and that can sometime end up in injury that the correct shorts may have helped prevent in the first place.

The 3 types of shorts that are trending among the athletes in India this year are as follows:

  • Baggies: These are the loose shorts and can be vaguely seen the football shorts as these are mostly found in the football kits and they have been since 1904 when the football association of England ruled in their favour rathe rather the long ones. These are about knee touching in their length and these are very comfortable and are usually preferred a mentioned in football and along with that during practise sessions of cricket as well. They provide the freedom that is required in these sports. The name baggies is a short form for the original name broad shorts.
  • Cycling shorts: These have recently become famous since cycling has gained importance not only as a sport but also as a fitness option and these are skin hugging shorts that are designed to reduce chafing. These came with elastics but the more preferred ones are the one that are provided with suspenders and they are more comfortable in the long run as they provide a very comfortable experience in the cycling position and do a very important job of supporting the groin region.

Running shorts: In recent years there has been increase in the number of athletes for the track events owing to the success in the commonwealth and the Asian games in these events. These are very light shorts similar to the gym shorts but they are cut at the sides and thus they provide extra ease in the movement od legs and nylon is the material preferred fit these shorts as it provides the strength and the reduction in weight.

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