What Are Fire-Rated Doors? Why Do You Need Them?

The safety of the property, whether domestic or commercial, is a foremost priority for everyone. Most commercial properties install fire-rated doors to enhance the safety standards against fires. A fire rated door stays put for longer, in case of a fire giving time and opportunity to escape. There are many benefits that the fire-rated doors offer, making them the most used item in commercial as well as residential projects. Let us dig deeper and understand the concept behind these doors and why you need them:-

What are fire-rated doors?

These are the specially curated doors that withstand the small to roaring fires for a long period of time. Such doors get carefully tested against different elements, and if installed in the right manner, they help save lives and reduce the damage done to the property. Fire-rated or fire-resistant doors have two vital roles to play, these are:

  • They act as a barrier and don’t let the fire spread from one part of the property to another.
  • They serve as a better way to escape and give plenty of time to save lives and things.

Many private properties or multistory residential complexes also opt for these doors to offer better safety to their residents.

Why do you need Fire Doors?


Needless to mention that these doors raise the safety bar to an entirely different level. They can withstand even the raging fires and allow plenty of time to figure out the escape. Even though the standing time of every door depends on its built and material used, on average, the door can withstand the fire for more than half an hour.

Property/ Asset Protection

As you get covered against the raging fire, you get time to save significant assets. Most important of all, save the lives of people. Furthermore, in case of a small fire outbreak, it can stop it there and then.

Better Fire Management

These doors are not only beneficial when they are closed. They also serve as an escape when opened. Most of the residential complexes use fire rated doors as an escape in case fire breaks. Moreover, in many countries, it comes under the government standards to get a fire rated door for the multistorey buildings.

There are many reasons why one needs a fire-resistant door. Moreover, considering the benefits that it has to offer, one should always opt for them. However, to achieve the maximum benefits, it’s significant to get the doors designed as well as installed by a trusted company. It ensures the quality of product and safety standards. Spend some time exploring the options, read customer reviews and check for references before making any decision. Get the best fire-rated doors for your property and stay protected against potential hazards.

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