Tennessee Men’s Clinic: What Is Androgen Deficiency? How To Treat It

Androgen deficiency occurs when a male has a lower amount of male sex hormones, chiefly testosterone than the required volume is needed to stay healthy. This deficiency could be caused due to certain issues of the brain, which controls the functioning of the testes constituting the pituitary gland as well as the hypothalamus, or complications in particularly testes themselves. An effective way to treat androgen deficiency is testosterone replacement therapy offered by Tennessee Men’s Clinic.

As per the experts, a gradual decline in sex hormone level in men takes place as they cross their 30s although such dropping is not experienced by all. In general testosterone levels drop with aging for different factors including poor health conditions, obesity, or genetic issues.

The Role Of Androgens

Hormones play the role of chemical messengers as they interact with different tissues and organs in the body to bring various changes. Hormones are vital for executing different processes about growth, reproduction, and well-being.

Androgens are basically the group of sex hormones that provide men their ‘male’ individualities aka virilization. Among them, testosterone is the chief sex hormone in men produced in their testes. A small gland, present in the brain named as pituitary gland controls the functioning of the testes.

Noteworthy that Androgens are vital for the sexual and reproductive functioning of males. They are equally responsible for the growth of secondary sexual characteristics in males, such as body hair growth, change of voice, etc.  Androgens also take care of bone as well as muscle growth and metabolism.

As stated above Androgen deficiency is a disorder that means the individual is not producing sufficient androgens, specifically testosterone, which is important for absolute health. The effects of the disorder depend on the severity of the deficiency, its underlying causes as well as the age when the deficiency starts.

The Role Of Testosterone

As the chief sex hormone in males some of the tasks of testosterone are

  • Beginning and taking care of the lifestyle of puberty.
  • Muscle and bone development.
  • Growth of hair all over the body including public hair, face, and head.
  • Bringing change in vocal threads for producing the male voice of an adult.
  • Sexual desire (libido) and sexual function.
  • Growth of prostate gland and its functioning.
  • Production of sperm.
  • Symptoms of androgen deficiency.

As stated by the doctors of Tennessee Men’s Clinic, the symptoms of androgen deficiency can be manifested in different ways. This includes

  • Reduced libido or sex drive;
  • Hot flushes/ sweating;
  • Lethargy/ fatigue;
  • Depression;
  • Decreased muscle mass of reduced strength;
  • Fatness specifically around the abdomen;
  • Weaker and short-term erections/ lack of orgasms;
  • The lessened volume of ejaculate;
  • Receding body hair;
  • Lessened bone mass leads to issues like osteoporosis.

Apart from older men, Androgen deficiency can be experienced by younger people, especially those who come across complications during puberty. Some of the causes like genetic conditions, undescended testes, damage or harm of testes, chemotherapy, tumor in the pituitary gland, etc. can lead to androgen deficiency.

How To Treat Androgen Deficiency?

Treatment of androgen deficiency is carried out by the most innovative medical procedure TRT of testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone can be effectively administered by gels type topical creams, injections, and other procedures. Those having problems with the pituitary gland and wishing to become a father can be suggested for TRT by their doctors.

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