Shining A Spotlight On 3 Different Mini Kitchen Styles – & Their Uses

From galley kitchens to compact spaces, roaming storage shelves, and integrated appliances, the kitchen market is no stranger to working with small floorplans. But with compact kitchens in new builds and apartments a rising trend in the world of interior design, a new concept has arrived on the market: the self-contained mini kitchen.

A phenomenon which is designed to combine convenience with style, and which grants homeowners, tenants, and even workers a chance to access basic kitchen essentials without fitting an entire open plan space, mini kitchens are available in a range of designs and formats. In this blog, we’re shining the spotlight on three different mini kitchen styles, sharing the ways in which they can be used, and the benefits attributed to each specific design.

Entry Level Mini Kitchens

The original mini kitchen, which takes the absolute basics and places them within one compact unit: the Entry Mini Kitchen is a single unit which boasts two hot plates, a draining board and sink, and two under-cupboards for storage. One side of the cupboard is refrigerated, sitting directly under the hot plate hob, while the other side of the unit is simple cupboard space for dry goods storage.

This entry level mini kitchen is the ultimate designed for landlords looking to segment a large building into a series of self-contained apartments and is also great for student accommodation and retirement living.

Cupboard Kitchens

The beauty of a cupboard kitchen is the way it has been designed with modern and minimalist living in mind. In essence, the entire kitchen set up can be closed behind the double cupboard doors – creating the perfect hideaway kitchen for spaces that you want to keep neat and tidy at all times.

Behind the doors of your cupboard kitchen, a single unit with sink and job, refrigerated and dry goods storage, and a set of shelves all come together to create a functional and versatile kitchen space. And best of all, if you don’t have time to wash all the dishes or arrange your mugs neatly on the shelves, you can simply close the cupboard doors and deal with it later.

An innovative solution for apartments and office buildings, as well as commercial spaces.

Outdoor Mini Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are the latest trend making their way across the home design sector, enhancing the use of both inside and outside living spaces, and granting homeowners a place to prepare food for a BBQ or alfresco dining occasion.

What makes an outdoor mini kitchen different is the use of space, with varying options for the hob and the unit set on wheels for ease of movement and versatile usage. The base is segmented into three different storage areas, one for refrigeration, one as a standard cupboard, and one with pre-installed baskets for food storage.

Whether you’re enhancing an existing compact space or seeking new ways to maximise your access to kitchen appliances both inside and out, browsing the mini kitchens market may just inspire you in ways you didn’t expect…

Nick Martin

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