Self-Destructing Messages: How They Work And Why You Should Use Them

Self-destructing messages are everywhere. Sometimes, these messages are even compelling us to read the final words before that dreaded message box pops up with an auto-expire of five minutes or a warning of inactivity. But how do these self-destructing messages work? What is so bad about them? The quick answer is that they work by changing the text in ways which make it difficult to read. While this sounds pretty scary, it also has a lot of benefits. By asking people to decipher such texts, we can help reduce instances of cyber bullying and other types of bullying as well as create safer spaces for people who may be seeking privacy on the internet.

Why Self Destructing Messages Are Great

First things first. Why would you want something that self-destructs? The reasons why you might use them are many and varied, but I’ll list some of the most common ones.

It Helps To Reduce Cyber Bullying

Self-destructing messages have been used widely in schools to create a safe space for kids who may be bullied online. It is almost impossible for a bully to follow someone into this kind of private group because the group members make sure no one is lurking around. Kids can also be encouraged to use it as a means of escape from bullies. By sending a short private note message through their phones that once read, it would self-destruct, kids can use the opportunity to tell an adult about their situation and get help.

It Helps Create Safe Spaces For Kids

Kids often don’t have access to the internet at home and school is the only place they have access to social media without restrictions. Such places are very important in creating a sense of comfort and support for kids. They can also be used for peer support as well as for people with mental illness who may not feel comfortable talking to their parents or friends about how they’re feeling.

It Can Be Used To Create Safer Spaces On The Internet

Self-destructing messages are useful on the internet because they provide a sense of security online. A person who is using public internet can be more assured that only those people who have been invited to the group can view their private messages. Kids, for instance, may be safer from cyber bullies when they are in their self-destructing group. In their private group, children can talk about anything and everything without the fear of being judged or cyber bullied.

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