How To Choose The Best Mining Pump

In a common mining application, the water flows to the underground mine and then is allowed to collect in sumps. It is then brought to the surface with the help of a pumping system. It helps to pump out the dirty water continuously adhering to a given surge capacity in the sump system. That is why it is important to have dry areas near the mine’s bottom, which has a direct impact on the efficiency and the mining procedure. Thus, it is essential to choose the right system according to your requirements and to do that, you can consider the following tips.

Before getting a pumping system, talk to your submersible pump supplier. Tell them about your requirements and they will be able to guide you with the best product according to your needs.

The Solid Of The Fluid That Needs To Be Dewatered

Ten per cent solid in the liquid is considered to be a high ratio. The abrasive wear caused by it can impact the maintenance cost of the overall dewatering process. The wear is directly proportional to the velocity cubed, which is considered to be an eminent part of the centrifugal dewatering pump. It helps the slurries to travel quite slowly throughout the pump.

The Underground Sump’s Depth

One of the most crucial factors while focusing on the underground sump’s depth is the overall pressure needed to be developed by the dewatering pump. If the depth is a few hundred feet, the work could be carried out by centrifugal pumps, which is a more economic solution. But anything above that would need a dedicated mining pump for developing the required pressure. It would have an influence on abrasive wear, piping complexity, and mining pump maintenance. However, if the distance of the vertical pump is greater than 1000 feet, several other stages and factors are needed to be considered.

Gland Seal Water

The centrifugal pumps generally need gland seal water, wherein the water is needed to be added to the system. This is essential as the objective here is to dispose of the water. However, this process can be quite costly, as the gland seal pumps consume a huge amount of power for operation. Herein, positive displacement pumps have an advantage as they do not use gland seal water. This means you will be able to save a huge amount every month on power bills.

Power bills are an essential consideration that should be kept in mind before choosing the mining pump. You should also talk to your pump supplier about the type of liquid you will be dealing with, along with its flow rate, viscosity, density, and temperature before finally making the purchase. Considering all these factors will help you make an efficient decision.

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