How Long Can You Keep Emergency Boarding Up?

Windows are an effective means of providing security and protection to your house. They not only keep dirt, pollutants, rodents and insects outside but also prevent thieves and burglars from entering your house. However, your windows can be broken by a number of factors that you cannot control. The thieves can try to break the windows to get into your house. It might get broken due to strong winds or tree branches smashing them. To consider the least scenario, it can also get broken by a ball which is smashed by small children playing outside your house. So if the window is broken, does that mean that your security is hampered? Obviously not! You can easily have a temporary board up being placed in your window until you get a new replacement. However, the period for which you can have the emergency boarding up depends on a variety of factors. Some of them are:

The type of material used in board ups

The duration for which you can have the board installed depends primarily on the building material of the board. You can go for solid wood boards or engineered wood boards. Solid wood boards have unlimited duration since it is being made straight out of the trees. However, engineered wood has a limited duration. However, it is harder than solid wood. Moreover, engineered wood is more resistant to moisture than solid wood and is the perfect choice for board ups for bathrooms. You also have the option to choose between plywood and particle board. Plywood has higher strength than particle boards and can withstand the pressure from nails as well. However, it requires rougher processing and sanding to generate the finished product than particle wood. Moreover, particle woods are cheaper than plywood.

The place where you want to install the board ups

The room that you want to secure by placing the board also plays a major factor in determining the duration of the board up. If you want to install the board up to secure your bathroom, choose one which is resistant to moisture, like the engineered woods. If you want to have one for your kitchen, then you have to choose one which is more resistant to heat than the others, like the solid woods. If you want to have one for your drawing room where you will also use your board ups for pinning purposes, then plywood is the best option.

These are some of the basic conditions that determine the duration of your board ups. Choose the correct board up according to your need.

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  1. Natural disasters like typhoons, cyclones, tempests, floods – these can make issues for homeowners and property chiefs that might possibly break windows or annihilate shingles. Emergency board-up services can help you in protecting your property from further damage. Thanks for putting this up.

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