Hillandale Farms On Business Growth Through Sustainability

Hillandale Farms is a well-known name in the egg-producing industry. It has succeeded in making its reputation of being the best quality egg producer. Hillandale started as an egg reselling farm in the year of 1958. Orland Bethel, the founder of Hillandale Farms, had begun his journey from the scratch. He had been overwhelmed by the egg-supplying industry and decided to start his business of selling eggs. From a coal truck driver to the founder of an egg-producing giant, Hillandale Farms had grown a lot in the past few years. The expansion of Hillandale Farms started slowly. After putting on many hard-working hours, it finally spread its wings to West Virginia. After West Virginia, Hillandale Farm moved towards Pittsburgh. Their journey seemed like a fairy tale one that inspires the newbies in the market. People who want to start their egg-producing farms may go through the growth story of Hillandale Farms for inspiration.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Speas About Their Employees

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania follows a strict rule of nurturing its customers, its employees, and even the chickens the farm raises. For this reason, Hillandale Farms made sure to hire only the industry’s best from the market. Recently, Kevin Jackson, a leader with an exceptional track record of handling consumer-based business, has been hired as the CEO of the farm. Before joining Hillandale Farms, Keving worked for Snacking and Beverage Division and proved his talent for leading such a big organization.

Kevin feels happy to be able to lead Hillandale Farms. He is confident that under his leadership, Hillandale will continue to grow. The initial objective of the farm had been to produce only high-quality eggs. Later, Orland Bethel started to raise chickens to expand his business. Hillandale’s business objective remains the same even today. This farm has gained the reputation of being one of the best egg production companies in the nation.

Hillandale Farms – The Journey Since Its Inception

What started as an egg reselling business, eventually grew to be much more than a farm. Hillandale has succeeded to flourish due to its strict ethics. Bethel family had some significant value in running their operation. Hillandale has followed these ethics and values despite growing demand in the market.

Hillandale began to raise chicken after reaching Florida which happened just a few years after its inception. Since the start, Hillandale had followed an animal-friendly rule on the farm. Here animal cruelty is prohibited. In other farms, chickens get hatched after laying eggs. But in Hillandale that does not happen. They care for the chickens. They raise chickens. But Hillandale does not hatch chickens.

The real growth of the farm started after Gary, Orland’s son, joined the business. Gary worked alongside his team. He did not back away from a single task. To help his company, he drove trucks, worked with the office staff, and indulged in different tasks while at Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania. With this heavy contribution, Hillandale Farms succeeded in raising around 10 million eggs by 2000. Now, it raises more than 20 million chickens on its cage-free farm.

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