Guide To The Various Types Of Static Caravans

Static caravans are surely a better option than the traditional homes made from concrete, bricks and mortar. Due to the facility of transportation and installation at the requisite place, these units are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who look forward to the best spacing solutions. People who wish to live comfortably at a place of their choice for some time prefer these units rather than the conventional homes. Also these caravans have all the facilities and amenities that any established home can offer. Based on the varied needs, choices and interests of different types of users, there are different types of static caravans. Thus the users are at liberty to choose and pick an option that best suits their needs and tastes. Some of the key types of static caravans are as discussed hereunder.

Single Unit Caravans

Such types of caravans are basically preferred by those who have to live alone or with their partner only. Even such units may be used by those who have to live with their friends on a sharing basis. These static caravans for sale are moderately sized and can be used as temporary accommodation. More living space can be created by adding decks outside.

Twin Unit Caravans

As the name suggests, these caravans have double units and are made in two halves. Generally, such caravans are available in the form of sectional buildings with wheels underneath. The two sections of the units are joined together to form the complete caravan. These are bigger as compared to the single unit caravans and hence can be used by families or groups.

Lodge Caravans

To provide additional space and luxuries to the users, these caravans are somewhat bigger than the usual caravans. These are available in single or twin units as per one’s unique needs. The main feature of these caravans is their aesthetic appeal. It can be used for holiday purposes or even for permanent stay.

Park Home Caravans

These static caravans for sale are best suited for residential usage. These are highly insulated so that the users may feel comfortable inside them. Also these are known for their energy efficiency and visual appeal as well the luxuries with which these are equipped. With an abundance of space, these caravans are quite useful.

With all these types of static caravans easily accessible and available to you, you may go ahead with the best option and use the same in a way that you ever dreamt of.

Andrew Faulkner

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