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A timeshare is a system in which several people can jointly own a home for a fixed period, either for a holiday or other purpose. It involves sharing the cost of living with other buyers. The timeshare is done under a devised scheme.

Timeshare V/S Personal Property

A timeshare should not be confused with personal property. Unlike personal property, which involves full ownership, a timeshare is a contract. The individual shares partial and equitable ownership along with other buyers. He is supposed to pay insurance, fees and taxes related to the property as per the contract.

The Major Advantages Of Timeshare:-

  1. Time-Saving: Many people complain about wasting time looking for a reliable settlement for a one-time vacation. They compare the pricing of various hotels and take some time to finalise their plans. Removing these hassles is possible with time-sharing. You own property and choose to stay as you desire. There is no compulsion.
  2. Extra Income From The Venture: Another benefit of it is it’s the ability to save expenses and give you income. When you are not using your estate, you can rent it to someone for a fixed amount and period. You can later get Timeshare claims from the party.
  3. A Sense Of Belongingness: A person does not feel lonely in this environment. He feels belonging to others. He feels warmth, affection and an atmosphere of faith is created. He feels that he is part of some community.

No Fluctuations In The Investment: Sometimes, people have apprehensions about investing in a timeshare. The reason is inflation and deflation in the values. But such is not the case. Also, You pay the same amount even after ten years.

  1. Economical: In the long run, living costs in a timeshare are less. It is cost-effective.
  2. Variety In Selection: You can choose any brand you like to invest in. Various companies are offering this facility. If you are unsatisfied with one, you can opt for the other.

Basic Amenities Inside The Resort: These resorts spend lavishly to make your living comfortable and mind pleasuring—it suits your immense needs. There are amenities for children, people in old age and others. Fitness Centres, spas, games centres etc., are also included.

The Convenience: Timeshares claims offer convenience. The points that declare it are given as follows.

  • They are located near shopping malls, entertainment centres and other tourist destinations.
  • You can easily change the location of your property through a timeshare catalogue.


Timeshare is indeed emerging in the contemporary period. Even though people have apprehension about its high cost, it is still affordable for those with a stable source of income.

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