Changes In Dental Practices Over The Years

In ancient times, dental care was non-existent. Soon after, dental care became all about measures of cleaning your teeth, but this was not enough. For this, initially, herbs and stems of medicated and Ayurvedic trees and leaves were used in many parts of the world.

Such practices changed after many years of research, development and experience. Technology has played a major role in the changes seen over the years of dental practice. It is because of the knowledge and technology that today there are so many treatments available in dentistry.

Dental Practice Over the Years

There have been many experts who came up with innovative techniques and medications over the past years. And quite recently there has been more upgradation in the field of dental care in terms of having to bear with lesser pain while undergoing various treatments. Whether you have been through it or not, but the dental pain and discomfort are way more than any other pain. Following are some of the major changes that took place in the dental practices over these years:-

  • Nowadays you get your cavity identified by laser.
  • Earlier when anaesthesia was given inside the mouth before rigorous treatments it was given by injecting the gums or the relevant treatment area with a needle. These days injections are not needed.
  • These days you can buy an electric toothbrush from anywhere. It is available online on e-commerce sites as well as at regular pharmacies or even departmental stores. Such brushes can be used for more effective and efficient cleaning of the teeth and gums. With all the features provided, it is still gentle to your mouth. It can be either battery operated or electronically charged.
  • Over the years, people have become aware of cleaning their tongue regularly. Till very recent times only brushing your teeth was a daily routine, and cleaning the tongue regularly was ignored.
  • With changing time, people have started understanding how essential it is to have regular oral check-ups. Dentist in London always encourages consistent check-ups as well as follow-ups regarding all kinds of dental issues.
  • It has been observed over the years that technologies have improved so much. So has the dental techniques. The dental surgeries now are very less painful in comparison to what it was earlier. This could have been achieved because of the use of better tools and equipment.
  • There have been new inventions like the intra-oral camera and intra-oral x-ray machines. With the help of such machinery, the dentist can easily graph a clear picture of the inside of your mouth, without having to stretch your mouth wide open to peep inside.
  • There has been research and a range of new medicines in the industry related to dental requirements specifically.

A survey shows that earlier dental patients used to avoid visiting the dentist. The reason behind such ignorance was both, discomfort at the clinic as well as not giving enough importance to self oral care. But this has proved to be changed for the better now.

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