Benefits Of Hiring A Specialist For Waxing Needs

Having silky smooth skin that too without the enduring pains of hot wax is still a dream for many of us. The confidence one feels when having silky smooth skin is something unique but somewhere we all are afraid of using wax as a method of hair removal and oftentimes switch up to razors, the thing with razors is they require a frequent visit on the other hand waxing is a monthly or bi-monthly thing depending upon your hair growth. Moreover, the rashes, itchiness, and bumpy strawberry skin is the after-gift of using a razor on the skin. But it still seems to be less than enduring the pain of hot wax. Some even think of going without hair removal though it is not a problem as it is a personal choice, still one feels moreover comfortable wearing any kind of clothes after having a hair removal top of all it is good for personal hygiene, as cleaning with hair present is a bit difficult. In this article, we will be discussing the types of waxing and their benefits.

Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is a wax paste made from a mixture of melted sugar, lemon, and hot water. This is the easiest and budget-friendly waxing option as quoted by the wax specialist. It does not cause allergic reactions to the skin, since the ingredient used is the basic ingredients, and is ideal for sensitive skin. Sugar wax is a mixture of hard and soft wax and this kind of waxing can be easily done at home self-provided you know in which directions the strips are to be pulled. The wax sticks to the hair which makes it way less painful to the one that sticks to the skin and the wax can be applied again and again. It is the best possible option for beginners and the one which suffer from easy skin redness.

Hard And Soft Wax

The basic difference between hard and soft wax is hard wax only sticks to the skin and is usually done on the smaller areas, like the upper lips, armpits, and bikini areas., on the other hand, soft wax sticks to the skin also, and is performed on a wider area, the arms and legs. Initially according to some wax specialists, hard wax is less painful as compared to soft wax as it does not stick to the skin, but when asked the patients they were unable to differentiate between the two, so the best safe answer would be any wax is painful initially, once your body is used to the procedure, you hardly feel anything.

Then comes the flavoured wax, fruit wax, and chocolate wax, these are just the ingredients added to the normal wax, to do the skin care for you, oils added in the wax would reduce the roughness it leaves behind after getting stripped from the skin, chocolate is an antioxidant which would give a glow to your skin all the while reducing the inflammation.

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